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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 35 MB
  • Date Updated: 02/06/2018

Reflex training games are always welcome and interested around the world. Recently, the leading publisher of entertainment games in France, Ketchapp, launched Cubriko. This is a very refreshing and refreshing game, and the game has received a lot of respect from the players. Currently, the game is available on two major app stores, Google Play Store and App Store. However, we will work with you to learn about this game and how to download the simplest game.

cubriko 2

How long will your journey take?

Players will be engaging in a fantasy world in Cubriko for Android. They will be controlling a small character, making his endless journey to explore this mysterious world. Your character will automatically climb the hexagon in this virtual world.

cubriko 3

The tower will have many different obstacles. Players will need to perform touch actions on the left or right side of the screen to control their character’s actions to avoid obstacles. With simple gameplay, all ages can participate in this game easily.

cubriko 4

Cubriko APK Mod will not be divided into different difficulty levels; your character will increase the speed corresponding to the time you participate in this game. Therefore, players need to train their reflexes to be able to make the longest journey and achieve high scores. In addition, on your journey will appear gems. Try to collect the gems to become richer in the game. You can also get extra rewards when logging in to the game.

Cubriko by Ketchapp for Android – Gameplay

The system features a variety

After a turn, the player will receive the number of gems corresponding to the score he achieved. They can use gems to buy new characters in the game’s store.

cubriko 5

Moreover, new colour themes are also waiting for players to unlock. Players will have a completely new experience when they own new characters and topics in the next turn. You can also compare your scores with players around the world to see who is the better player.


Cubriko Free Download owns a very impressive 3D graphics design. The environment in the game is designed with a lot of beautiful colours. Players will be impressed when entering the world is very beautiful and fanciful in this game. The actions of the character while avoiding the obstacles in the game are shown very smoothly. Players will get the best gaming experience. The background music of the game will help players focus much more.

cubriko 1

The end

Cubriko is a very refreshing training game. The game will bring the most comfortable and fun moments for players after hours of stressful and tiring work. If you like this game, you can use the link at the bottom of the article to download the game.