• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 10.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 95 MB
  • Date Updated: 18/06/2018

Are you looking for a game to challenge your brain? Cubiti Dash ‘n’ Dodge will be the answer for you, the game released by PlayStack. This is a brain training game that is very useful and unique. You will overcome many difficult challenges in this game to train the brain’s sharp thinking ability. Featuring unique gameplay and fun graphic design, players will have the most exciting and unique experience when overcoming the challenges in the game. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

cubiti dash n dodge 2

The adventure is full of danger

In the game, the player will be controlling a funny character. You will help your character make endless journeys and overcome the difficult levels in the game to survive. The game has two unique game modes for players to choose from Dash and Dodge. These two modes of gameplay are not so different from each other, but the players will still have a new feeling separately.

cubiti dash n dodge 3

Dodge mode will take players to a map designed with beautiful square tiles. You will have to control your character to perform the dance moves to avoid bombs dropped from the sky on the map of the game. Each bomb will create a different range of destruction that players need to pay attention and escape the danger zone on the map of the game. You just need to do the touching of the screen to control the character to jump to the position of his choice.

cubiti dash n dodge 4

Dodge mode will split into three different rounds; your goal is to avoid the bombs and collect keys on the map of the game to advance to the next difficulty level. After passing through these three levels of difficulty, players will receive bonuses plus the coins they collect in battle and a mysterious box. You can use the bonus to buy new characters in the game’s store. The mysterious box will help you get a random character or money.

Cubiti Dash ‘n’ Dodge – Avoid bombs & collect Cubiti!

In Dash mode, players will also appear in a map designed by squares. Unlike the Dodge mode, you will have to make a journey in Dash mode. You still have to avoid the bombs that are dropped from the sky by the character’s ability to jump. Also, you can collect coins and support items to survive longer. Your journey ends only when your character is destroyed by bombs. You will receive bonuses corresponding to the distance you reach.

cubiti dash n dodge 5


Cubiti Dash ‘n’ Dodge Mod Money gives the player a very beautiful animated 3D graphic design. Your character is designed to be fun and detailed. The various destructive bombs are displayed clearly so that the player can make the correct decision in the game. The sound of the character of the demolition of the bombs is described very hilariously.

cubiti dash n dodge 1

Why do I like this game?

Cubiti Dash ‘n’ Dodge is a very useful game of thinking and handling. I like this game because it gives a very strong impression on the gameplay. I also highly appreciate the graphic design of this game. It offers fun and comfort as opposed to gameplay which requires the quick judgment of the brain. I can play this game for a long time without feeling bored. You can explore this game with our link.