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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 18 MB
  • Date Updated: 25/04/2018

Cubic Street Boxing 3D is a unique action and role-playing game, released by CubeCube Sports. Boxing is always one of the most popular sports. You will be taking part in some of the most engaging boxing battles, show off your best skills to defeat the enemy and bring glory. With simple gameplay and fun graphic design, the game will give players the most fun moments. Let’s learn about Cubic Street Boxing 3D.

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The competition is attractive

At the start of Cubic Street Boxing 3D for Android, the player will be selected for their character to join the game. After selecting your character, you will play a fascinating and dramatic match. The game has very simple controls; players only need to touch the virtual key to control the character to perform the attack. Your character will automatically move to the enemy location and attack them.

cubic street boxing 1

With a very simple game, you will not need any guidance to play this game. Your attack power will be shown by the power bar on the left side of the screen. Hit the enemy for the maximum amount of time. The character with the highest number of attacks, the character will win the match.

cubic street boxing 3

Cubic Street Boxing 3D Android Gameplay

Players will have to manipulate the character skillfully, to attack the opponent and not give them the opportunity to counterattack. You can force the opponent into the frontier of the ring and attack them fiercely to win more easily.

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After each game, players will receive bonuses; they can use bonuses to buy new characters. Different characters will have different shapes and the same power; this will ensure the fairness of the game. Players will feel more excited when they own more diverse characters, so they change in different matches. You can participate in PvP combat mode to fight against other players around the world.

The fun 3D graphics system

Cubic Street Boxing 3D for iOS has a very fun 3D graphics design. Characters and surroundings are designed in pixel style. The attacking action of the characters is shown very hilariously. The sound of the characters performing the attack is described very livelily and fun.

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Cubic Street Boxing 3D APK Download is a game that is suitable for those who want to release stress after hours of stressful work. With simple gameplay and fun graphics system, players will get a lot of fun when joining this game. You can download the game using the link at the bottom of the article.