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  • Date Updated: 24/10/2018

You are a fan of Pokemon comic book series. You have experienced many games that talk about Pokemon. In this article, let’s learn something unique about Cubemon 3D. GAMOBI STUDIO producer released the game. This is a new and best Pokemon content game. Cubemon 3D for iOS is a multi-player online game with the most popular content today. You will love this game right from the first experience!

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New game

Cubemon 3D APK Mod is a new game by GAMOBI STUDIO producer. Join the game; you will have exciting adventures and participate in the beautiful match of Pokemon. You will have the task of discovering new lands in the game. Connect with people all over the world. Join and collect the most impressive Pokemon in the game. The game will give you and everyone new and exciting experiences while playing the game.

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The best Pokemon game experience

Join the Cubemon 3D; you will have the adventure and collect Pokemon similar to other games. However, this game has been designed and developed more than the classic Pokemon game. Control system and game layout are simple but beautifully designed. To join the game, you will use the virtual key system to move the character. To use the skill in battle, simply touch the virtual keys that are on the screen of the device.

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At the beginning of the game, you will be guided to control the character and fight base in the game. You will be allowed to design, create a character for yourself and use the beautiful outfit. Then choose one of three Pokemon that the game offers to explore the fun in the game.

Mission and fight

After you have completed the basic instructions of the game, you will be taken to the village of the new player. Here, you will receive the quest that the game requires. Once you complete the assigned tasks, you will receive bonuses, support items, and EXP. You can complete the first task of the game in a simple and easy way. But in more difficult tasks, you need to prepare well before performing the task that the game requires. For example, you need to have support items in your backpack; your Pokemon must be strong enough and ready for battle.

Cubemon 3D for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Similar to other Pokemon games. You can summon different Pokemon to engage in battle in the game. Each Pokemon in the game will have different types and advantages and disadvantages. In battle, if your Pokemon is going to be destroyed, you have the right to summon another Pokemon to fight. To enhance the power of Pokemon, you need to regularly train, upgrade skills and take good care of your Pokemon. In particular, you have to evolve for Pokemon if you want them to be stronger.


This is a multiplayer online game. Therefore, the game has very nice 3D graphics and sophisticated. Image and motion in the game are very smooth. The effect of Pokemon in the game when fighting is very beautiful. You will be excited when your Pokemon uses skills in combat. The colors and details of the game are well-designed by the manufacturer. In particular, the configuration of the game will be optimized with your device after each update.

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You will love this game.

Cubemon 3D for Android is an online game with very good image quality. You will feel comfortable playing the game. Join friends and discover the impressive things of the game. Connect and share impressive stories about Pokemon with people all over the world. Sure, this is going to be the best Pokémon game you’ll ever have to experience.