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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 6.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 46 MB
  • Date Updated: 06/10/2018

Mobirix is a very famous game maker; their games always receive great attention from the players. They have released some unique games such as Fishing Hook, Hit & Knock Down and Zombie Shooting King. These games give players a lot of fun experiences; players will enjoy the most comfortable moments with their mobile device. In recent times, mobirix has continued to release their new game called Cube Zombie Hunter. This game has the same style as the Zombie Shooting King, but it will bring players new experiences with unique graphics and special gameplay. You will enter into a world filled with danger; you will do all the best to survive and rescue the world.

cube zombie hunter 1

Destroy all zombies

Cube Zombie Hunter APK Mod will take players to a mysterious city, where there are many bloodthirsty zombies. They will attack any living creatures present near them, and you will face a lot of danger from the fierce zombie army. You have to survive to escape from this place and save the world. Specifically, the city in this game is a real battlefield. You will have to use all your weapons to destroy the fastest zombies before they harm you. Each battle corresponds to a difficult level that you must pass; you will have to destroy the entire zombie to complete the level of difficulty.

cube zombie hunter 2

The zombies will appear anywhere and attack you unexpectedly. You need to use your weapon in the right way to destroy the zombies quickly. Also, players need to move properly to avoid falling into the encirclement of dangerous zombies. To become a good player, you will have to learn a lot in this game.

Cube Zombie Hunter – Hunting Zombies

Possession of stronger weapons

After each level of difficulty, the number of zombies will become more crowded, and they will also be more dangerous. Therefore, you need to possess more powerful weapons to kill zombies easily. The game offers players a variety of different weapons; you can own them in the store of the game. With the money, you earn when completing the difficulty level, you can unlock new weapons. Use your weapons properly to get the most out of it.

cube zombie hunter 3

Pixel graphics

Unlike Zombie Shooting King, Cube Zombie Hunter brings a whole new dimension to the game with its familiar pixel 3D graphics. This game has a graphic design similar to Minecraft; you will get the most familiar experience. The zombies are designed in a variety of shapes, and you can easily spot the more dangerous zombies to get the best out of them. Also, the motion effects of zombies are designed very impressively. You will experience intense battles in this game.

cube zombie hunter 4

You can find new experiences in this game.

Overall, Cube Zombie Hunter for Android is not a new style game. There are many zombie-style games that feature beautiful graphics and perfect gameplay. If you want to have a whole new experience, Cube Zombie Hunter will meet your wishes. The game will bring you the most intense battle in a unique style; you can destroy the entire zombie and survive?