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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 34 MB
  • Date Updated: 31/08/2018

Cube is a game that has been around for a long time. Until now, this game is still popular. You will feel extremely happy when you solve the complex cube; you will feel more excited and may be addicted to this game. However, we can not bring the cube to work or play. Therefore, you need a new solution to be able to experience this useful game at any time. Mobirix developer created Cube Matching King to meet the needs of cube fans. You can experience this engaging game anytime with your mobile device.

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Top wisdom games

In Cube Matching King Mod Money, players solve difficult puzzles that the box cube brings. On the screen of the device will appear a familiar cube. This cube has been disturbed, and you need to rearrange its colors. Gameplay is very simple; you just have to do the swipe to rotate the cube. Alternatively, you can use your finger to swipe the space around the edge of the screen. This will allow the player to see different aspects of the block easily; they can make the best decision to solve the puzzle quickly. The game ends when the player puts his or her cube back to its original state. Next, you can play a new turn to get a more enjoyable experience.

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The gameplay is very varied

The game allows players to choose between different game modes. This is a unique feature; it allows players to experience the new game mode as quickly as possible. You will need different sized cubes to do this. The game offers two different game modes, 2x2x2 and 8x8x8. You can experience new modes with higher difficulty levels to show off your thinking abilities. Moreover, the game has a notification system that displays the player’s time and some moves. You can compare between turns and increase your ability.

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Cube Matching King – Cube matching puzzle game

Simplicity in design

Cube Matching King APK is built on a very simple 3D graphics platform. The cube is visible on the screen of the device, so you can easily see the cube and get the best experience. The simplicity of this game also helps the player to focus a lot; you will not be distracted by the unnecessary details. The sound of the game is also designed very simply and interact very well with the graphic design.

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You will like this game

Overall, Cube Matching King for iOS will be a great game for cube fans. They can experience this game anytime. The game also has a lot of different game modes for players to explore. If you are interested in this game, then you can explore it through our link.