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NetEase Games is a game maker that is so familiar to gamers. Recently, the company has launched its next product called Crusaders of Light. This is an international version of the Land of Glory game – only released in China. The game gives the player a lot of special emotions and great experiences. Crusaders of Light succeed in the world market? Let’s find out what’s interesting in the game below.

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Crusaders of Light Mod Money has a very interesting and curious story. The game takes place in Europe she glasses. It is said that people live happily and happily inside the walls of “The Desolation Wall.” This is the wall that was built 700 years ago to separate the human world from the world of monsters. But 700 years have passed, the wall gradually lost the magic and is slowly being destroyed. You will become a brave warrior whose mission is to defend your country. You are the only hope left to humanity.

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Character system

Crusaders of Light APK Download gives you three character classes, including Warrior, Ranger, and Mystic. However, each character class has different sub-branches so that you can choose from a variety of characters. In particular, the game is equipped with a variety of skill and beauty. Each character has different skills and strengths so you can find new tactics or learn from other players.

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How to play

Crusaders of Light Mod No Skill Cool Down is designed with a wide map of 12.96 million square meters, so you have plenty of time to explore all the hidden things in this map. The game is an open world so you can go anywhere and do whatever you want. However, the game also provides you with a self-paced and automatic fighting system so you can easily do more missions.

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The higher the level, the more powerful the monsters are, so you need to control yourself to be able to defeat them. Crusaders of Light is also designed to be a very versatile and easy-to-operate control system. But to reach the high level, you also need to spend a lot of time can become a “pro”.

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Many attractive modes

Crusaders of Light gives you a lot of different modes of play. Arena Battle is a mode that allows you to compare other players through 1vs1, 3v3 and 5vs5 battles. This will be a fierce battle between the players. Also, Dungeon is a mode you can not ignore. You will be trying to destroy a lot of big bosses. You and the other 40 players will face this difficult challenge. When you complete the task, what you get is very valuable and attractive. Besides, another great mode is Battle Royale. You will become the winner if you are the last survivor.

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Crusaders of Light God Mode is equipped with graphics not inferior to any PC game. You will experience a 3D game that is sharp, lively and extremely attractive. All details in the game are meticulously designed. I’m sure you will be very pleased with the game. This is a game with the best configuration on the market today.

Crusaders of Light APK Mod Damage/God Mode


Crusaders of Light Mod Damage feels like playing a high-end game on a PC rather than a mobile game. The game supports two operating systems: iOS and Android, so you can download and play the game by visiting the link below. Have fun playing the game!

Crusaders of Light Mod APK

– Damage
– No Skill Cool Down
– God mode