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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • File size: 193 MB
  • Date Updated: 17/05/2018

If you are an FPS enthusiast, then you are probably too familiar with the CrossFire names. This is one of the most popular shooters in the world and is still popular today, though it was released ten years ago. So what makes the game so attractive? These are the dramatic gunfight with a very diverse weapon system, many attractive gameplay modes. And the mobile version of this game has also officially appeared. This game is called CrossFire: Legends. The game is inherited in gameplay, graphics and other features from the previous version. Therefore, it promises to bring players a very interesting and attractive experience. Let’s find out what’s hot in the game below.

crossfire legends 1

About the game

CrossFire: Legends for Android is the mobile version of CrossFire. This is considered to be one of the most successful FPS games in the world. Both versions were developed by Tencent, a well-known game developer from China. The game has quickly attracted hundreds of thousands of downloads and a large community of online players every day. This has proven to be a big attraction for the game. Download games and engage in exciting battles right now.

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How to play

CrossFire: Legends Mod Gems has a fairly similar style to the PC version. The game brings you many exciting game modes such as Fighting, Single Fighting, Bombing, Fugitive, Zombie, etc. There are many other modes of play that are waiting for you to explore. Game control systems are also thoroughly researched by the manufacturer to give the player the best experience.

crossfire legends 3

The virtual keys are arranged intelligently so that the player can easily control his character. You will quickly get familiar with the game after only 5-6 minutes to get acquainted. If you have ever played FPS games on your mobile, you will not be too familiar with the controls. Also, the game is equipped with a variety of maps for you to choose. With over 50 different maps to choose from. I believe you will be very satisfied with what the game brings.

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CrossFire: Legends Mod Money is equipped with 3D graphics. Compared with the PC version, it is not inferior. Also, the next update, graphics in the game has been significantly improved. You still have the best and most authentic experience. The sound in the game is also very lively. Guns, bombs, bullets are all true. You will have the best experience with CrossFire: Legends. You will be immersed in these fascinating battles and gun battles.

crossfire legends 5

New feature

As you all know, Battle Royale mode is a mode that many players love in recent times. There are a lot of games that use this mode, such as PUBG, Fornite, ROS, and so on. And to love your lover, CrossFire: Legends has also added this feature to the game. You will be involved in the survival battle with 100 other players. This is a very interesting and attractive mode. The fierce battle awaits you. Can you be the last survivor?



CrossFire: Legends Mod Ammo is an FPS shooter that you definitely cannot ignore this summer. Download games and participate in engaging gun battles. Invite your friends and relatives to have a great time together. The game has support for both iOS and Android operating systems. You can download the game by visiting the link below. Have fun playing the game!