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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 744 MB
  • Date Updated: 21/06/2018

Recent shooter games have always had the style of Battle Royale, the producers want to fill the gap in the player’s needs. Creative Destruction is one of the Battle Royale games released by ZuoMasterDeveloper that is a new option for players who love survival games. Currently, the game is available on Google Play and App Store. Let’s learn about the most prominent features of this game and how to download the game the easiest.

creative destruction 5

Fight for life

Creative Destruction takes the player to a map of about 4×4 Km2 with a plane. You will be selected for your falling position on the map of the game. Then you will have to perform the same tasks as traditional survival games such as finding weapons, equipment, medical equipment … on the map of the game to be able to survive. In particular, the game will give the player a gun called the Destructor to destroy the various terrain designs of the game such as houses, trees, cars …

creative destruction 4

However, you can not destroy the other players with this gun and you need to collect different weapons to kill other players easily. The game also allows players to use the resources they collect with their Destructor Guns to build different buildings. Works that you create can help you attack or defend against other players, so you need to use this feature in the most reasonable way to bring the highest efficiency in the game.

creative destruction 3

You can collect and use four different types of weapons, which is a remarkable point compared to traditional survival games. Players can use more weapons to serve their purposes. Also, the game features a safe area to force players on the map to constantly move and destroy other players. Use all your abilities to become the last survivor and win the battle.

Creative Destruction for Android/iOS – Gameplay


The game’s control system is optimized to provide the complete user experience. If you have ever played the popular survival games on the market today such as PUBG Mobile or Fortnite, you will quickly become familiar with the control system of this game. The virtual keys are designed very scientifically so that players do not feel uncomfortable and always at their best.

creative destruction 2

Graphics are suitable for all ages

The graphics of Creative Destruction has been integrated with the most advanced technology today. The game will give players high-quality picture and beautiful. The graphic design of the game is quite user-friendly and suitable for all ages, anyone can join and experience the thrilling battles of life in this game. The sound of various weapons in the game is simulated in real life. You can rely on this sound and find other players on the map of the game more easily.

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Thought in the end

In general, Creative Destruction for Android will be a much loved Battle Royale game shortly. With unique gameplay, weapon systems and features, the player-friendly graphic design. The game promises to be one of the top Battle Royale games on mobile devices in 2018. Right now, you can use our link to download and experience this game.