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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 67 MB
  • Date Updated: 09/07/2018

When it comes to trucks, we are thinking of the huge monsters that are moving and can not be prevented by any obstacles. These trucks can be considered as a symbol of strength as they are moving on the road. You can imagine, a truck race can be very dangerous and bring about catastrophic accidents. However, the manufacturer Enjoysports has launched a high-speed truck simulation game called Crazy Trucker. The player will become a truck driver in this game, you will be taking high speed and dangerous journey to show your driving ability. With unique gameplay and authentic graphics, the game promises to bring players the most unique experience possible.

crazy trucker 3

Dangerous race

You will become a truck driver; you use your truck to transport a variety of different goods to participate in a dangerous race. Initially, the player will appear in a starting position. You will have to control your truck moving to the designated locations on the map of the game for a limited time. You will control your car at high speed; you need to pay attention to the speed of the car so that the goods in the car did not fall out in the race.

crazy trucker 4

Also, players need to pay attention to the fuel level of the car. This is a very important thing for the player to finish the race, you will not be able to finish the car when the fuel is exhausted. On the track there will be fuel tanks appearing randomly, you need to collect these fuel tanks so you can continue on your journey. Moreover, gold coins will also appear randomly on the track. Collect as many gold coins as possible to get rich and buy new cars in the game store or unlock new maps.

Crazy Trucker for Android/iOS – Gameplay


The control system of the game is very intuitive and players are familiar with the controls of this game. All virtual keys are designed to be identical to the controls of a real-life vehicle in order to give the player the most realistic feel. The game’s control system is quite simple, but it takes a lot of time to master your car.

crazy trucker 5

True graphics

Crazy Trucker Mod Money is designed with state-of-the-art 3D graphics to give players the most realistic driving experience. The truck and its surroundings are displayed very clearly and in detail with high image quality. The motion effects of the car are simulated in the same way as in real life. The sound of the car when accelerating or collision with the terrain is also shown very true.

crazy trucker 1

In brief

If you are looking for a game to challenge your trucking abilities, Crazy Trucker will be a good choice. With beautiful graphic design and real-time simulation control, players will have the most realistic driving experience. This game will not display the correct move direction so players can move to the specified location on the map of the game. This can be considered as a minus point of this game because it causes a lot of difficulty for players. However, if you are interested in the game then you can explore it with our link.