• Publisher:
  • Platforms: iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 225 MB
  • Date Updated: 03/06/2018

In recent time, the world’s leading addictive game publisher Voodoo has launched a game called Crashy Cops!. The game is available on the iOS platform; players need to wait a while longer for manufacturers to publish the official version for Android devices. Players will be involved in a very difficult challenge in the game; they will make their one-jump journey to become the farthest away. With simple gameplay and fun graphic design, players will have the most fun and comfortable moments when joining this game.

crashy cops 3

How far can you go?

In Crashy Cops! for iOS players will be driving a police car. You will help this car make a long journey by using the rocket. The game is very simple; the player will perform the touch operation on the screen to activate the propulsion system on his car.

crashy cops 4

Players will need to pay attention to the energy circle displayed in the upper left corner of the screen so that their propulsion system is not overloaded. Then, your car will automatically move on the road. The further your car travels, the more money you will receive.

crashy cops 5

Players can use bonuses to upgrade different accessories for their vehicle. Players will get more powerful cars and can achieve higher scores in the next turn. Also, you can watch short promotional videos to double your current score to earn more money.

crashy cops 6

In addition, players can unlock new worlds by breaking through certain levels in the current difficulty level. With newer maps unlocked, players will have more new and unique sensations in the next turn. The game has many other unique features waiting for players to explore and experience.

crashy cops 1

Simple graphic design

Crashy Cops! APK Download owning a Pixel-style 3D graphic design is simple. The vehicles and the environment in the game are displayed very brightly and clearly.

Crashy Cops! for Android/iOS – Gameplay

The motion effects of the vehicle are simulated according to the same physical laws as in real life. Players will experience the real acrobatics of the car. The sound of the car when operating and colliding with different types of terrain is described as very real.

crashy cops 1

Are you ready?

Crashy Cops! for Android will be a great choice for those who are looking for a leisure game after hours of stressful and tiring work. You will challenge your reflex ability in this cool game. Are you ready to reach the goal of 50,000 meters in this challenging yet?