• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 2.3.2 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 23 MB
  • Date Updated: 18/03/2019

Cowboy Gun War will take you to the chaotic western lands with dangerous adventures. Explore gold mines or experience an intense gunfight, all in this epic game. As a role-playing game, you will experience the most authentic challenges. Besides, you also discover a variety of unique weapons. Currently, the game is released by Ellsworth Kertzmann, and you can download the game from the sharing link at the end of the article.

cowboy gun war 2

A Cowboy’s Journey

A land of great potential and danger in front of you, become a cowboy and explore a mysterious West. The game gives you interesting missions and challenges that revolve around life in the western United States. You get a lot of different missions and challenges. Each challenge will help you discover a new place or land. In addition to the missions, you can also experience classic bars along with many famous wines only in the western part of the United States.

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Control the character

Cowboy Gun War for iOS will provide you with familiar virtual keys such as controlling the character’s movement direction or using weapons when fighting. With the virtual keys provided, you can explore many new areas in the game, a variety of different towns are waiting for you to discover. Also, you can also enjoy the exciting horse riding experience. With a virtual key to the right of the device’s screen, you can call a horse to the side and use it.

Cowboy Gun War for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Many missions and attractive gun matches

You will get a lot of different tasks. These missions will help you move too many new lands and meet many interesting characters. Completing the required tasks, you will receive a certain bonus. The harder the mission is, the more bonuses you will receive.

cowboy gun war 4

This bonus amount will be used to buy new equipment for your character. On the right corner of the device, the screen will have a virtual key to help you get to the store quickly. Touch it to open the store and buy the necessary equipment. In the store, you can buy weapons, horses, hats or ammunition.

cowboy gun war 5

Players will face a lot of dangerous enemies when exploring new lands. You must fight alone and fight many enemies at once. Therefore, you need to prepare weapons and ammunition to use when fighting. If you do not have enough ammunition to kill the enemy, death will surely come to you. To defeat many enemies, try to move flexibly and make accurate shots. Take advantage of terrain or in-game objects to shield and protect your character. The cowboy gunfights are never fair; the wisest ones are the victors.

cowboy gun war 1

A beautiful picture of the western part of the United States

Cowboy Gun War has beautiful 3D graphics and possesses a unique 3rd perspective to help you experience more fun. The scenery of the game is carefully prepared with many details such as houses, mountains and trees. With towns and a diverse map system, you can enjoy many unique images. The movement of all characters is lively and stable. In general, the imaging system is well developed and helps players get the best experience.