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  • Platforms: Android iOS
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 100 MB
  • Date Updated: 26/04/2018

CounterSide is an action role-playing game that is highly regarded in the gaming market. This is a game produced by the extremely popular Korean publisher called StudioBside. With attractive gameplay, CounterSide promises to bring players a great experience. Currently, many players around the world are waiting for the official launch of CounterSide. If you are interested in this game, find out more in our detailed article below.

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CounterSide – Experience beautiful action scenes

Join the game; you will be entering a world wide with advanced equipment. People here have discovered a new natural resource called Eternium. Your task is to fight for the safety of the Eternium, as it holds the entire plot throughout the game. The player becomes a hero, directly involved in the battle against mysterious organizations to protect the Eternium.

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CounterSide for Android/iOS – Gameplay

CounterSide possesses extremely attractive gameplay; you will be able to directly control the heroes and use special skills to attack. The actions in the game will take place under your control, set up various tactics to easily master the game. After each game, you will receive money and attractive prizes. The money will help you unlock more heroic new heroes and different shapes.

Main features of the game

– Role in a heroic beauty
– Directly engage in fierce battles
– Diverse task system
– Use tactics
– Make actionable moves
– Join the game anywhere
– The game is suitable for players who want to relax after hours of work or study stress

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Graphics and sound

CounterSide APK Download owns the beautiful 2D graphic design, the images in the game are described in great detail and sharp. Besides that the sound system is extremely vibrant, giving the player a great experience.


Overall, CounterSide for Android is an action-packed role-playing game rated highly. Join the game and show yourself as an outstanding player by winning every opponent. At present, the game has not been released, but the information is given promises to bring you a game of relaxation best.

Note: CounterSide has not yet been released. File downloads will be available after app comes out.