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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 36 MB
  • Date Updated: 21/04/2018

Are you too bored with the shooter, action, tactics now on the market? Need to find a game that is easy to play after hours of work and study tired? So you should try Cosmo Bounce. Game addictive with players with attractive play. The game was produced by WHAT (games) and was released in April. However, in the short run, the game received a lot of positive reviews from the users. Let’s find out what’s hot in the game below!

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About the game

Cosmo Bounce for iOS will take you to a distant galaxy. You will become a madman looking for jet aeroplanes to fly. That is the only joy you have. You will be selected one of 28 heroes to join the other galaxy adventure and participate in the largest Xtreme space race ever. You will be flying high with the jetpack. You will be immersed in endless dance space. Can you become a winner? Get in the game and show off your flying skills now!

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Cosmo Bounce for Android is quite simple. You have to try to fly into the floating rock floating in space. Huge traps are placed everywhere. You need to avoid them otherwise you will lose. Increasingly, you will have different difficulties and more pitfalls arranged in a more monstrous way. Pick up points along the way to increase points; the equipment is also placed randomly on the way to help you jump higher and farther.

cosmo bounce 3

Attractive features

– The game has a simple gameplay. You need to lightly touch the screen to control the jetpack’s orbit and fly accurately. That’s all you need to do in the game.
– Collect the diamonds on the way to unlock more new attractive aircraft.
– The system is very cute and cute design like Cutie Cat, Mummy, T-Rex, Unicorn, Zombie and more!
– Go through many racing with unique and new style. You will be immersed in the vast and endless universe.
– Play with friends to increase the game’s appeal
– Download and play the game completely free

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Cosmo Bounce The Craziest Space Rush Ever Android


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Cosmo Bounce APK Download is a simple yet addictive game. You will feel satisfied with what the game brings. All fears, fatigue will quickly dissipate when playing the game. You can download the game by visiting the link below. Have fun playing the game!