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  • Platforms: Android 4.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 05/05/2018

I was too bored playing 3D graphics games, they were designed too much focus on the image and sound, but no clear story. Because I’m a person who likes to play games involving role-playing and adventure through fascinating stories, and I’ve found a game that meets that. The game is called Combo Rush, produced by MEGAXUS, a game of the action genre; Although the game has not been released officially, only through the introduction video and some information released by the publisher, the game has received a lot of attention from the gaming community.

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Combo Rush for iOS revolves around a hero, the hero named Sten, who is a very talented and intelligent knight. As a child, Sten was orphaned by his parents, who was brought up by a knight and passed on the secret of forging weapons, high combat skills. But one day, his teacher was attacked by a dark force and turned him into a wooden statue. To save his master, Sten decided to go out and find the one who caused it. On his journey, Sten has encountered many difficulties, the dark forces have impacted the creatures and made them attack humans.

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How to play

In Combo Rush for Android, you will be playing a character named Sten; you will have to control him to fight the big and fierce monsters. The special thing about the game is that you have to combine the virtual keys on the screen in the order they are given, to be able to attack the monsters. The more accurate your action is, the greater the damage done, if you continuously perform the perfect attack, special attacks will appear. If there are multiple enemies in the level, you can choose the enemies you want to attack by touching them.

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Combo Rush – Keep Your Combo / Gameplay

You will not have to fight alone, which will have your pets fight along, each pet will have different support skills and powers, you can increase the power of the pets by collecting The same cards to combine into higher cards. Also, you can also help them increase their strength by feeding them. The number of animals in the game is varied such as giant crocodiles, huge lions, great dragons, or lovely animals such as chickens, cats, dogs, unicorn, etc.

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Game mode

At each level in the game, you will have to pass six rounds, Boss will appear in the final round, after passing each level you will receive rewards to upgrade skills and food for the pet. The difficulty will increase with each level you pass, you will start with three combos and the number of the combo will increase gradually, requiring you to fast eye, fast hand.

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Graphics – Sound

Combo Rush APK Download uses 2D graphics platform, simple but beautiful visuals, bright colours, character and animal formations, enemies are diverse. The sound is well-executed, giving a real feel to the game experience.


The game is designed for all ages and genders. To download and install games on your device, visit the link below.