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  • Platforms: iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 118 MB
  • Date Updated: 22/05/2018

If you are looking for a game to relax after hours of hard work or study, Color Tube is the best suggestion for you. This is a very challenging game, colourful graphics, and simple gameplay; Color Tube for iOS is getting a lot of support from players all over the world. The game was produced by a famous publisher called Super Tapx, updated on May 21st, 2018 and sold on the App Store. If you are interested in this game, find out more in our detailed article below.

color tube 2

Color Tube – Highly entertaining game

This is a very simple game and does not require much skill. Your task is simply to overcome the challenges to reach the highest possible score. Joining the game, the player controls a ball of variable colour. Your task is to cleverly control the ball moving through the same coloured balls.

color tube 3

Pipes have a lot of different colours and constantly move, so the game needs players to be calm and skilful. If you hit the ball in a different colour scheme, you will lose, and a leaderboard will show up in front of your screen.

Color Tube for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Your score will be calculated by the number of challenges you pass, moving the ball further away the score will increase.


The game’s control system is very simple, players only need to touch the screen to the ball to jump to your will. In general, players will not take much time to get used to this game. Take the challenge to get high scores.

color tube 4

Main features of the game

– Control a ball that constantly changes colours
– Move through the obstacles are colourful tubes
– Join the game anytime
– No internet needed
– Challenge score with friends and relatives
– Simple playing style
– Easy control system
– Attractive game

Graphics and sound

Color Tube APK Mod owns a rather simple but colourful graphics design, and the graphics in the game are very sharp and beautifully rendered. Beside that is the sound system that is suitable for the relaxing feature of the game. Give the player the best experience.

color tube 1


Color Tube Free Download is a simple but very addictive game, join in the game and show yourself as an excellent player by getting the highest score. The game is receiving a lot of installs and reviews. What are you waiting for? Take your device and install the game according to the path below. Wish you have the best experience.