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  • Platforms: Android 2.3.2 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 10.5 MB
  • Date Updated: 25/04/2018

Are you looking for a fun and unique game? Color Ball 2018 will be the perfect choice for you; the game is released by developer A Simple Finger Tap. Players will be engaging in a world filled with colour. In this colourful world, you will help a balloon make the journey to overcome many colourful obstacles. You will enjoy a lot of fun when joining this unique game. Let’s find out about Color Ball 2018 for iOS.

color ball 2018 4

Simple and unique gameplay

At the start of Color Ball 2018 for Android, the player controls a ball. Your ball will have a distinct colour, the task of the player is to control the ball through colourful obstacles and various shapes in the game. The game is very simple; you touch the screen to control the ball to jump up. You will be able to move through objects when the colour of the ball and the colour of the object are similar. With simple and easy-to-understand gameplay, all ages can participate in this game.

color ball 2018 3

On the journey of the ball, you will encounter many obstacles of different shapes. You have to be calm and control the ball correctly so that the ball can cross the obstacles safely. When your ball passes through different obstacles, it can change colours. Players need to pay close attention to the ball when it changes colours, to achieve high scores in the game.

color ball 2018 2

After each turn, the player will receive a bonus corresponding to the score they achieve. You can use the bonus to buy different balls in the game’s store. Balls with different colours and shapes will make players feel excited in the next turn. The game has many other features waiting for players to explore.

color ball 2018 1

Unique graphic design and fun sound

Color Ball 2018 APK Download is designed with unique 2D graphics technology. The obstacles and the ball in the game are designed with a lot of different colours. The motion of the ball is displayed very smoothly, which will give the player the best feeling. Background music in the game helps players focus more, the sound of the ball when the movement is described very hilarious.


Color Ball 2018 is a very entertaining game. The game is suitable for all ages, because of its simple and unique gameplay. You can get a lot of fun and comfort when joining this game. You can download the game using the link at the bottom of the article.