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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 7.0 or later
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  • File size: 168 MB
  • Date Updated: 26/03/2018

If the action games, shooting, racing… make you so bored, today, PiePure will introduce to you a new game – Clockwork Brain Training. This is an intellectual game; it seems quite simple but extremely challenging players, you must manipulate your intelligence and agility throughout the game. In this game, there are many other cool mini-games to change every time you feel bored with a pre-played game. Also, coming to Clockwork Brain Training, you can meet like-minded people who want to train their thinking.

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The gameplay

Clockwork Brain Training Mod Money is a humanistic design.The players can test his or her intelligence with the surrounding situations. You have to overcome many difficult but fun challenges at very fast pace. Moreover, the difficulty of the challenge is increased, challenging the player’s intellect. Are you ready to practice your brain? Download Clockwork Brain Training now and check your level.

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Clockwork Brain Training Mod Energy is designed with impressive graphics, inspired by the art of Victorian times and the ancient Mayan civilization. The friendly Sprocket robot always guides you how to overcome difficult challenges.

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Clockwork Brain Training APK Download is an excellent choice for those who love to challenge themselves and solve puzzles. The game is free and supported on Android 4.1 and above. You will get some free game experience, and some parts must be bought by Tokens earned in the game or real money.

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Outstanding features

– There are 17 attractive mini-games to choose the right course for memory training, concentration, language skills and reasoning.
– You can practice your brain regularly with Daily Boost to improve your cognitive abilities.
– Unlock special game modes by collecting tokens while playing.
– The Petbots will always help you in difficult puzzles.
– You can capture your thinking process through statistics on graphs created weekly and monthly.
– There are many different training regimens such as memory games, concentration, ingenuity, language skills and reasoning.
– Customise the level of brain training by adjusting time or at your own pace.
– Up to 10 different languages ​including Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, German, French, …
– Conquer yourself with special rounds – Insane Round.
– Automatically saves your progress on synced devices.
– You can enjoy this great free game without registration or a monthly fee.
– New Elite Ranking: If you score over 1 million, you will be in the Elite Ranking.
– Support more for maximum impression rate on Android.
– Bug fixes in Greek and Russian languages.

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Clockwork Brain Training APK Mod Money

In short, Clockwork Brain Training Mod Unlocked is a great mind-building exercise that helps you relax in your free time. Download this fun game and challenge your friends the difficult quizzes.