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Supercell has always known how to cheer the difficult gamers with a variety of popular games such as Hay Day, Boom Beach, … Supercell recently launched a new superhero game player called Clash Royale; this is a perfect combination of player style, collecting cards, and MOBA. Just a short time after the release, Clash Royale has received special attention from gamers around the world. Now, this hot game is hot on the Google Play and App Store charts. Come to Clash Royale; you will be engaged in the fierce battle unprecedented in any game. You will understand more about this exciting game through the article below of PiePure.

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How to play

Clash Royale Mod Gems is quite similar to the game Clash of Clans, so you can easily familiarize yourself with the gameplay of Clash Royale without too much difficulty. To date, the game has reached over 500 million installs and over 20 million reviews. The gameplay is quite simple; each player will own three defensive towers, each tower protect a line on the map.

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They have some weaknesses that are fixed range and are not able to move, but the damage they cause is huge. Your task is to control the generals to move properly to attack and destroy the tower defence of the enemy. Generals and soldiers can move between the two front lines in two fixed routes on either side.

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You can only win by destroying the main house and the King of the enemy. The soldiers and generals will help you defend your castle and attack enemy towers. The duration of each match lasts only 3 minutes. If time runs out and you have not won, you will be given more time.

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Those who have ever played Clash of Clans will certainly not forget the very familiar characters such as Giants, Barbarian Kings, Wall Breakers, Archers and many other generals. All of them are in Clash Royale Mod Money character collection. Each team will have eight cards; the cards will be divided into phases to attack or defence before the attack of the opponent.

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Clash Royale APK v 2.1.7 Mod Gems

Each card has different stats such as blood, attack distance, attack time, attack speed, etc. You can upgrade your card’s stats every time you level up to maximize your team’s strength. Currently, Clash Royale APK Mod offers two modes of play that are one vs one real time and Touchdown 2 vs two modes. However, gamers are still looking forward to the release of Supercell soon to add more combat mode and Guild battles so they can team up with friends in battle.

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The graphics of Clash Royale are extremely fun and lively, cute and fun to play for a long time without boring. In particular, the game is designed with vertical impression unique, different from the same game category.


Overall, Download Clash Royale is a new type of action-style action game, combining a full range of player style, card collecting, and MOBA. Surely the game will reap much more success in the future. You can download the game via the link below.