• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 137 MB
  • Date Updated: 09/07/2018

Clash for Speed is a unique and exciting racing game, released by Tweaking Technologies. This is a new style racing game that promises to bring exciting experiences to the players by engaging in high tempo battles. Riders will engage in real-time battles with their vehicle and kill other players. It can be said that this is a completely new racing style and has appeared in some new racing games launched in the market recently. Let’s learn about Clash for Speed for Android.

clash for speed 4

The battle of the racers

You will become a racer in this game and participate in real-time battles with other players around the world. The battle in the game will take place very fierce and very attractive. The biggest challenge you have to overcome is a very complicated zig-zag race of the game; you will also have to beat the other players with your car on this dangerous racetrack. Games with Nitro Boost feature will help you beat other players easily; you can use this feature by touching the virtual key on the left side of the screen.

Clash for Speed for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Also, on the track will appear boxes of items appear randomly. You can own different weapons when collecting these items. The weapons that you get when collecting items on the track will be the only way you can attack other players. Also, this game also requires the ability to control very high racing. You will have to practice a lot to be able to control your car proficiency without colliding with other types of terrain on the track.

clash for speed 2

New cars

After completing the race, you will receive ba onus corresponding to the rank you achieved. With the number of bonuses you get, you can use them to buy new cars in the game store. Larger performance cars and better looks will make players feel more excited in the next race. Moreover, you can upgrade your new cars so they become much stronger and win the race more easily.

clash for speed 3

Graphics and sound

Clash for Speed Mod Money has a very real 3D graphics design. The cars and surroundings in the game are displayed very clearly on the screen of the device. You can see the different situations that are happening on the track so that you can make the right decision to help you overcome the difficulties. The sound of the game is also heavily invested by manufacturers to make the races more attractive.

clash for speed 5

You will like this game!

Clash for Speed will be a good choice for you in the boring weekend. You can invite your friends to play along to participate in the thrilling race and get more fun. The game is currently not officially released, so you can contribute your feedback to the developer for the game to be finalized in the next release.