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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 10.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 14/02/2019

Big projects always give people a surprise and excitement. Builders always want to create the best works for their customers. If you love beautiful buildings, Citytopia will help you satisfy your needs. Many attractive construction activities and interesting images will help you relieve the best stress. This game has many gentle activities and promises to create many exciting experiences for everyone. Join in building a beautiful city of your own with many beautiful buildings and parks. Create a world in your style and make people love it.

citytopia build your dream city 2

Create masterpieces

Atari, Inc. manufacturer gives people a fascinating simulation experience with unique challenges. Design and build a beautiful city, start your work from simple to complex to enjoy the most impressive building experience today: design and layout buildings, the path according to your creative ability. Create a smart and beautiful city with many outstanding images.

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Basic instructions

Citytopia for iOS will take you to an undeveloped city with various difficulties. You are tasked with overcoming many challenges to create a beautiful and thriving city. In the beginning, the manufacturer has prepared basic instructions for players to become familiar with the activities and control the game. The basic guidelines will help you build some buildings in certain areas of the city. Complete the tutorial; you get some buildings needed to develop later.

Citytopia – New City Tycoon Building Game

The map of the game is very large, so you can create beautiful buildings easily. Note that in the city there will be many areas with different types of terrain. In each area, there are many different squares for you to build. To build many beautiful buildings, you need to unlock these squares. Meet the different requirements of the game to unlock squares and build many beautiful houses.

citytopia build your dream city 4


To build and create a beautiful city, simply touch the squares on the device’s screen to select the building you want to build. Touch and drag to the square according to your needs to proceed with construction. Buildings need time to complete. So you can experience many other activities while waiting for the work to complete.

Many impressive works

To develop and expand the city, players need to build many different buildings. You have to build many apartment buildings, factories, schools and hospitals for many people to live in the city. These works will help your city become more beautiful and help you get more experience points and bonuses.

citytopia build your dream city 5

The city will grow more if it has a developed infrastructure. Many buildings and factories will help increase the population and create a fun city. Besides building, players have to upgrade many buildings to get more rewards. Many buildings upgraded and built will help everyone’s life be stabilized, thereby helping your city grow better.

citytopia build your dream city 1


Citytopia offers many fun activities and challenges for everyone to relax. Experience the work of an intelligent architect or mayor to create a beautiful city. Possesses a beautiful 3D graphics and a wide viewing angle that brings lots of vivid images to everyone. Decorate the city with many different items in your style.