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  • Date Updated: 09/02/2019

AI GAMES FZ – Unique game maker with many addictive products, their games have simple content and bring lots of fun experiences for everyone. They are highly appreciated for releasing many products that are well prepared from gameplay to images and provide the necessary entertainment needs today. After the success of BIG BANG Evolution or Tap Tap Monsters: Evolution Clicker, they continued to release new games. City Gangs: San Andreas, a unique and recently released game recently. This game is aimed at simple entertainment and helps players relieve stress easily. Unique challenges help people get more fun. To experience, please use the link at the end of the article.

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City Gangs: San Andreas for iOS was developed to meet the entertainment needs of people with little free time. The challenges and tasks of the game are very simple, so you can easily experience this game anywhere. Besides, the competition with many players in the world will create more fun. You have the opportunity to compete with many other players, join and challenge your confidence to win.

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Your target

The only goal to win is to collect many characters in each match. You will have to build a strong army with many different characters. The number will determine the victory, so players need to collect as many characters as possible. When you start each match, you get a small number of characters. The player’s task is to move around the map to collect more characters. The characters are in many different locations, so you need to move quickly and accurately. If you move slowly, the characters will be collected by your opponent, and you can lose.

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The number of characters will decide to win; you must collect many characters in a short time. Limit collisions with players with more characters than you. Because they will collect all the characters, you have accumulated from the beginning of the match. Move smart to avoid confronting strong enemies and defeat weaker enemies than you. The map of the game is not so large that you need to watch carefully when moving.

City Gangs: San Andreas for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Many beautiful outfits

City Gangs: San Andreas APK Mod owns many impressive costumes for you to use. To unlock many different outfits, you must experience continuously and create many outstanding achievements. Using beautiful costumes when you will help the game’s activities become more attractive. Also, using a variety of different outfits helps you become a good player and get a high position in the rankings of the game.

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The graphics quality of the game is not too prominent but is consistent with the gameplay of the game. Besides, the colour system and space are harmoniously coordinated to create stability when experienced. Smooth movement of many different characters will make you more interested. Despite simple content, the game’s map is well prepared by the manufacturer with many unique images and details. You will experience an impressive map with many different buildings and paths. A beautiful and impressive city will appear right on your device screen.

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If you don’t have much time to entertain, the challenges of City Gangs: San Andreas suit you. Simple content and edge with many others will help you get the best time to relax.