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For those who like social action games such as Facebook. ChronoBlade is a very familiar name. Right after the launch of the game, this game has achieved great success and is loved by millions of players around the world. In recent times, Netmarble has officially announced the release of ChronoBlade on mobile platforms. This will be good news for all those who love this game; they can play ChronoBlade on their mobile device at any time. Let’s learn about ChronoBlade mobile version.

ChronoBlade APK God Mod for Android/iOS

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At the start of ChronoBlade God Mod, you will select one of four characters: Lucas, Lophi, Aurok, and Thera. All of these characters have the same power, but each character represents different strengths. ChronoBlade for iOS is very similar to Street Fighter IV; you will have to fight and beat the best boxers. Your skills and tactics are the most important thing to bring about. You can be very strong, but you can still lose the weaker players because of their higher skills.

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Each character in the game has four basic skills; you need to learn the skills and combine them according to instructions to create skill combos. You will have to work extremely precisely to be able to launch combo skills that you need to use. These combos are used in a way that will help you defeat opponents faster and easier.

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The ChronoBlade PC version control system is highly rated by many users because the control system is very intuitive and easy to use. Players can perform complex operations with ease. With the mobile version, developers have integrated and upgraded the control system, so that players can easily control the way they play ChronoBlade on their PC. They want to make perfect sense when playing PC games on mobile devices.

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Download ChronoBlade for Android/iOS

ChronoBlade’s storyboard mode consists of 5 parts. You will have to undergo dangerous challenges; the very strong Boss is waiting for you to defeat. After the battles, you will gain experience points and items, and you will use the experience points and items to upgrade your skills and equipment to increase the strength of your character. The game system is very equipped; you will equip your character such as armour, weapons … to become stronger. When your level is higher, the difficulty of the game will also increase accordingly, which will be more difficult for the player. ChronoBlade APK has real-time PvP features, and you can fight alongside other players around the globe. Fight each other to see who is better. When you AFK due to lost connections or battery runs out, the game will control your character until you reconnect, you can control your character normally. This is a very innovative and necessary feature for the player, which makes the match less interruptible.

Graphics and sound


ChronoBlade APK Mod owns a very beautiful 3D graphic design, the visual design of the characters in the style of Anime, the effects are beautifully detailed and beautiful skills. The sound of the game is also a highlight, making the player feel like the real battle.


Download ChronoBlade is an immersive online role-playing and action game, with unique features and excellent graphics. This is a great game. You can play all day without getting bored. You can download ChronoBlade using the link below the article.