Japan is a developed country; mobile games are very popular in this country because of a large number of mobile users. So the mobile games are most developed with card games. Recently, a new card game is coming out called Chrono Ma: Gia and was released by Gungho Online Entertainment. Chrono Ma: Gia will be a new and exciting alternative for the player.

Chrono Ma: Gia APK Mod Money for Android/iOS

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How to play Chrono Ma: Gia

Download Chrono Ma: Gia is a card game with fairly simple gameplay. At the start of the game, the player selects any character, and each character has three special skills. Next, you use 20 different cards and combine them with your character’s three skills to attack your opponent and deal damage to them. Each time a player uses the skill, the skill consumes a certain amount of energy, depending on the skills and cards being used. The battlefields where you fight will be randomly selected, and you will only win the attack and cause your opponent to lose all HP. But the combat mechanisms and the combination of skills and cards of this game are complex; players need to know all the features of the card and combine the most effective to win. Thus, the game has a tutorial system that helps players understand and adapt faster with Chrono Ma: Gia.

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Chrono Ma: Gia Mod Money also has a variety of modes of play such as Story Mode exploration of Battle Story, you will understand the story of Chrono Ma: Gia and explore this mysterious world. You can play or test new tactics with smart AI through the Practice Battle mode. Online PvP fighting mode will let you fight directly with random players. Players can invite friends to play in Friend Match mode. The ranking mode will be where you fight with other players around the world and gain higher rankings

Chrono Ma: Gia Gameplay Trailer

The graphics and character of Chrono Ma: Gia

The graphic design of Chrono Ma: Gia APK also has many similarities with the game genres released in Japan. Characters are designed in detail with the well-designed sound system will bring fun and exciting fighting minutes for players.

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Characters of Chrono Ma: Gia is also quite diverse. Currently, the game has 11 characters that the player can choose, the remaining characters have not been revealed and may in the next update version open new characters.


Chrono Ma: Gia for iOS will satisfy game enthusiasts on mobile devices, with the same gameplay as the previously released games, but with a variety of gameplay modes. The well-designed audio and video system will bring you an unforgettable experience. Chrono Ma: Gia has not been released yet, and you have been able to subscribe, the players who download the game before the release will receive great rewards.

Note: This game has not yet been released. File downloads will be available after app comes out.