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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 49 MB
  • Date Updated: 25/01/2018

Chop It is a unique game, you will not have to fight or join any race, simply cut the wood. The game was developed by BYV publisher on the Android operating system by the end of 2017. Unfortunately, Chop It Mod Money is not yet available in the App Store of the iOS operating system. Be prepared to become a woodcutter and start cutting wood.

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Come to the game you will become a real woodcutter, adjust the hammer accurately to cut a lot of trees. Chop It Mod Unlock also does not have a specific plot or gameplay, simply chopping down a lot of trees you will win. This is a simple task; the game provides a very gentle experience for the player. Games do not require thinking or focusing too much on chopping wood. Chop It for Android is very suitable for people who enjoy pure entertainment.

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To start to Chop It for iOS, you need to get used to the axe or the hammer to master them. The challenge of the game, you have to chop things moving in front. The logs move along a line; your task is to align the time to cut them. However, there will be many other things in the chain such as explosive bombs … making it difficult for you. If you chop the bomb or the wrong time, then you lose, and the game ends. Initially, everything will be easy, but the chain will run faster, and the bombs will appear suddenly, so you can not handle it.

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The interesting part of the game is that you can play forever until the wrong cut or cut into the bomb. If you do well, the chain will continue to run. Starting the game, I often cut the wrong and cut into the bombs appear unexpectedly. Fortunately, Chop It Apk Mod gives us five times to continue cutting wood, try to take advantage of these five times to cut more wood. If more luck, the hearts will appear, please cut those hearts quickly to get more turns. Also, the game also offers many different modes. You can use the hammer to nail instead of the axe. Each type of play will bring a different experience; you will feel Chop It is not boring.

Chop It Android Gameplay

Simple graphics

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The importance of Chop It is addictive and is appreciated by many players, because of the simple and fun way to play. Thus, the graphics of the game are not impressive; the images are designed simply and not too sharp. However, the physical effects of Chop It will surprise you, the wood cutting and nailing are very similar in real life.


Chop It is a good choice to entertain in your free time, it does not take us too long to get used to the game. If you are interested in the above review, please download Chop It for the Android operating system from the link below.