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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 829 MB
  • Date Updated: 24/12/2018

Racing is a very attractive and popular content; you will go to many different places with powerful cars. If you want a fun racing experience with lots of beautiful pictures, then Chicken Pox is the best game for you. The game has simple racing content with lots of exciting activities, providing players with much fun and comfort.

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Simple content

Chicken Pox for iOS will take players to a large farm with many beautiful and diverse images. You will control Pox and move around the farm to collect the eggs. On the way, you will encounter many different obstacles. You will have to move wisely and quickly to overcome obstacles and collect many eggs. This is a simple and suitable racing game for everyone.

chicken pox 2

Lovely challenge

On the farm there are many different places for you to explore, each location will correspond to a level for you to experience. You will have to go through many different levels, collecting all the eggs on the way and safely returning. You will have to pay attention when moving to quickly collect all eggs and get to your destination safely. Obstacles will appear on your way, so you need to watch carefully when moving. The obstacles will consist of adorable animals on the farm, and they will move continuously. Note, there will be a blue egg hidden at each level. This is a special egg, and you need to successfully collect a blue egg that will help you get many impressive rewards.

chicken pox 3

When you overcome the challenges and collect many eggs, players will have the opportunity to unlock many unique cars with many beautiful items. Unlocking and using a variety of different items will make the experience more appealing. Besides the nice cars to decorate Pox, you can make Pox more lovely when combining a variety of hats, masks, and eyeglasses.

Many interesting activities

Besides the main tasks of the game, players will experience various mini-games. Completing the main tasks will help you participate in mini-games. Mini-games include various tasks and activities to help players not be bored. Mini-game will offer high-speed challenges with many unique questions to test your reflexes.

Chicken Pox – Addictive egg grabbing fun!


Chicken Pox APK Mod has beautiful 3D graphics, many locations of the game are built very impressively. The space of the game is built diverse and large, bringing comfort to users. Besides, the scientific arrangement of colors creates a beautiful space to help players get excited when experiencing.

chicken pox 4

Personal assessment

Chicken Pox is a gentle and suitable game for families with children. Content and simple activities will help users easily experience. To bring more interesting experiences for you, the game will be updated with new content regularly. Join your friends to compete and become the best player in Chicken Pox.