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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 94 MB
  • Date Updated: 16/04/2018

You are an introvert; you are intelligent and creative. You are a cat lover, will introduce you to a fascinating game called Cat Knight Saga Special. The game is released by Catnip Studio and is part of the role-playing adventure genre.

cat knight saga special 5


When you are drinking a cup of milk cream and stroking your cat, the door under the basement emits a strange light. Suddenly the door to the basement opens, and another cat appears. You are not surprised yet; the cat has started talking to you. The cat says it’s called Milk, it’s a messenger sent from the cat kingdom, and it needs help from you.

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The mage tells you the story is going on in the kingdom of the cat, the whole kingdom is covered by a dark force called Ohum. Since you are a cat lover, you immediately agree to help the kingdom. From there, your journey with the “cat commander” and the cat army began.

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Cat Knight Saga Special Mod One Hit will give you the feeling of excitement and fun as you pass the screen. The experience in the game will make you think of movies such as The Chronicles of Narnia, Alice in Wonderland.

How to play

Cat Knight Saga Special for Android is a combination of strategy and role-playing. When you first start playing, your task is to collect an army of cat soldiers. In the game, cats can think, communicate, travel with their legs like human beings. The game is very easy to play, the cats will automatically move forward, your job is to select the appropriate skill and swipe the screen to automatically attack the enemy. You can support the cat army by adding Mana and HP to your army, using magic (do not worry, you will not spend HP and Mana).

cat knight saga special 2

Your army has a lot of moves to fight, but you still have to figure it out before joining the battle. If you give out unreasonable tactics, failure is what you get. After you use the fighting skills, it will take some time before you can use them again. So do not be sad when you lose, but get experience for the next fight. You can play again by clicking the “replay” button. The game is designed to be able to support a variety of machines, simple operation while playing the game suitable for all ages and sex.

Multiple levels of play

Cat Knight Saga Special for iOS has 70 chapters to overcome; it will be a difficult adventure and challenging for you. Do not be discouraged, because there will be many interesting gifts for you to pass each level. The game is designed to follow the plot, so you can easily complete the tasks that the system offers. Do not stop fighting; the game is designed to play with you by bathing, feeding. You can increase your army’s strength by equipping more fighting weapons; you can collect the troops on the way.

Cat Knight Saga Special for Android/iOS – Gameplay

To avoid being the boring game has been designed a lot of cat characters with many shapes, use different weapons (sword, staff, gun, …), different moves (create a cat hand Giant to attack, summoning a giant shield to defend the allies. Especially you can choose an Avatar of any cat to use it and sometimes in the sky will appear the flying mice, squirrels and squirrels fight you. Rats and cats fight together? You think this only appears a few times in Tom and Jerry.

Features in the game

To play games your device needs to be connected to the Internet, the Internet connection will allow you to save the level so that you can sync with other devices.

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Pictures, audio in the game

The graphics in the game are built like you are watching a 2D animated cartoon, simple but lovely. When using the skills, you will be watching the fun pictures, villages, trees, mountains, streams … create a romantic beauty. The sound in the game is designed to suit each scene; this makes your emotions change from fun to play, to the thrill of each battle.


After reading this sharing article, can you fully confidently enter the adventure to the cat kingdom? You can download and install the Cat Knight Saga Special from Google Play and the App Store using our link below.