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  • Platforms: Android 5.1 or later
  • Price: Free
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  • Date Updated: 14/02/2019

Rogue Games, Inc. manufacturer is one of many mobile game manufacturers that receive the attention of everyone. Their products always bring a lot of fun and exciting challenges for everyone. Featured products and millions of downloads include Chaos Battle League – PvP Action Game or Oz: Broken Kingdom. After the success of these two products, Rogue Games, Inc. has released a new role-playing strategy game. Castle Siege, exciting strategy activities and fast-paced PVP are waiting for you to discover. Please use the link at the end of the article to be able to participate in the experience quickly.

castle siege 2

Cute pictures

Despite being developed with intense strategy and combat elements, Castle Siege for iOS is prepared with a very lovely image and character system. The use of cute images creates more fun and does not make people feel dry. The interface of the game is harmoniously arranged on both sides of the device’s screen to help users observe and experience more easily. Information and data systems are displayed by the manufacturer, which gives you better control. Many impressive battle maps with beautiful space, each with a unique design with different environments and create many interesting experiences.

Castle Siege for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Diverse character system

Continuous fighting requires you to collect and use many different characters. Therefore, the game is designed with many different characters and powers. Each character has their fighting skills and drawbacks, so you need to know the character of the character before using it. In particular, the character upgrade process is very attractive and requires perseverance. You need to accumulate various character cards to upgrade. Each upgrade will require some different characters. Therefore, to create a strong character, you need to fight constantly and accumulate many cards.

castle siege 3

Characters will be summoned when you meet different game requirements. Many different lands help you collect many new characters. Complete challenges and missions in new lands to summon and use many characters — beautifully designed character with many different races and costumes.

castle siege 4

Fight online

You are arranged to play against many players in the world. To win, the player needs to destroy the enemy’s base. When fighting, you need to observe and judge the direction of the enemy to come up with a reasonable strategy. On the game map, there are three different lanes for you to summon characters and fight. Touch the character card at the bottom of the device’s screen and pull down 1 in 3 lanes to fight. Note, on the left of the device’s screen there will be an energy sphere. This energy sphere is used to summon characters, the higher the level, the more energy it will consume. Therefore, you need to have a good strategy when fighting and make a reasonable choice to summon characters.

castle siege 1

Strong alliance

Castle Siege APK Mod allows you and everyone to build many different alliances to develop and fight. Building alliances are one of the many unique activities of the game. Join the alliance and help members grow together to get a strong alliance. Exchange cards easily to enhance combat power and global competition more interesting. Experience a fierce battle challenge in groups to find the strongest alliance in the game.