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  • Platforms: Android 2.3 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 81 MB
  • Date Updated: 07/03/2018

GAMEVIL is a very popular publisher with a lot of exciting games such as Baseball Superstar, Monster Warlord, and so on. Recently, this publisher has launched the game Cartoon Wars 3 and received many positive reviews from the players. Currently, the game is being distributed on both Android and iOS operating systems with a capacity of 117.6 MB, so the game even is suitable for low-profile devices.

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The game was launched in early 2018 and quickly attracted the attention of many players around the world. In just over a month, the game has reached 10 million downloads and 133,000 reviews on Google Play. This is a very impressive number. Let’s find out more this fascinating game


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Download Cartoon Wars 3 APK was developed from the cartoon version – Cartoon Wars 2 that was released earlier. The story is the sequel to the previous version. You will be taken into the world of Cartoon with two stranded tribes, Color Tribe and their slaves. The two tribes are distinguished from white and black. You will play as the slave tribe and stand up to fight to regain freedom for your tribe. Become a hero and help your tribe to be liberated.


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Coming to Cartoon Wars 3 for Android, you will be building a mighty army to destroy the enemy. You have to construct the modern weapons to counter attacks from the enemy. Build an army of modern weapons to destroy the enemy’s fortress. However, the enemies also have a strong fortification with a large army. It is not easy to beat them.

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After each battle, you will receive a lot of money. Use that money to upgrade your army and unlock the most advanced weapons in the game’s store system. There are a lot of weapons, and you have to consider buying weapons that fit your tactics. You can also upgrade existing weapons to make them stronger. This upgrade is very important; it will help your army quickly defeat the enemy.

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Many attractive game modes

Cartoon Wars 3 for iOS will give you a lot of fascinating gameplay modes. You can choose any mode that you want. In particular, the Team Battle mode is exciting. In this mode, you can invite more players to fight with you. Show the ability of coordinate and destroy enemy bases.

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Download Cartoon Wars 3 APK v1.8.0 Mod Money/Unlock


With a very lightweight, the game has a simple 2D graphics design in Stickman style. The characters of the game are designed like the stickmen, but they are not too fancy. However, your opponent – the Tribe Color have the more detailed design with a lot of different shapes and colours.

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If you are looking for a game that is simple and do not require too high graphics, Cartoon Wars 3 Mod Money will fit perfectly. We provide the link below for you to download and install games for the Android and iOS operating systems. Have fun playing the game!