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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later
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  • File size: 71 MB
  • Date Updated: 25/06/2018

If you are a fan of popular animated cartoons produced by Cartoon Network, you will not be able to skip Cartoon Network Arena. This is a very exciting real-time strategy game released by POPJOY. Players will join Cartoon Network World, Magic Man has used Magic Stone to ruin this beautiful world and make it chaotic. You will help cartoon characters in the world of Cartoon Network fight this disaster and bring the world back to equilibrium. With its unique gameplay and multiplayer system, the game will satisfy those who love the Cartoon Network cartoon.

cartoon network arena 2


When participating in the game, players will be a great leader. You will use your intelligence and strategies to help Cartoon Network characters destroy the Magic Stone and bring the world back to equilibrium. The gameplay is quite simple and easy to understand, on your screen will appear three paths to 3 towers defence. In the three tower defence, there is a tower containing Magic Stone. The mission of the player is to summon Cartoon Network characters and destroy the tower defence that contains the Magic Stone to win the game.

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Cartoon Network Arena APK Mod will be played at a very fast pace and dramatic because the opponent is another player. They will also own characters like you. Therefore, players need to come up with the most appropriate tactics to defeat their enemies and win. The tactics in the game revolve around the characters they possess, each character will have different special abilities that the player needs to learn. Choosing the right characters will give you the best performance in battle.

Cartoon Network Arena for Android/iOS – Gameplay

After winning the game, players will receive a lot of experience points, bonuses, and new character cards. You can use bonus and experience points to upgrade your character. You will have a much stronger army and can easily beat other players. Character cards will give you the opportunity to recruit new Cartoon Network characters. You can own characters in popular animated films like Ben 10, Powerpuff Girls, We Bare Bears, Mighty Magic words … With new characters, players will create many different tactics to win the game more easily.

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Funny picture

Cartoon Network Arena for Android has a fun 3D graphic design. The characters in the battle are designed just like the cartoon animations of Cartoon Network. You will feel like watching a Cartoon Network character fighting in a dramatic battle. The background music of the game will make the player feel very happy.

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Cartoon Network Arena will be a highly entertaining strategy game for you to enjoy during the boring weekend. The game does not create too much pressure and gives the player a lot of fun in the fun battle of the game. Are you ready to rescue Cartoon Network World yet?