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Games with the theme of building and developing farms are always the attention of many players. There are already many games of this genre that succeed in the mobile gaming market such as Hay Day and Let’s Farm. However, these games have been for a long time, which can make many players bored. If you are looking to find a game of the same genre and have something new, experience the Cartoon City 2 Pro game right now.

Cartoon City 2 Pro Mod Money for Android/iOS

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Download Cartoon City 2 Pro was released by foranj on February 5th. This is a very popular game publisher with farm game development series Farm Town. Currently, Cartoon City 2 Pro is being distributed on the Android operating system and is still not available on the iOS operating system. The players of this operating system have wait longer to experience this game.

Familiar gameplay

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Coming to the Cartoon City 2 Pro Mod, you become a mayor with a lot of power in your hand. However, your city is very poor and undeveloped. Your task is to manage and develop the city to make it become a rich place. Bring a good and safe life to the town.

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First, you need to build more residential areas for people to live. This is also an important thing to develop the city; the more people live, the faster the city grows. As the traffic system, public transport means that people can easily move in the city. Of course, every development must be carefully calculated and implemented. If the construction of buildings makes people unhappy, they may leave your city.

Become a good leader

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Once you have completed the construction of basic facilities such as residential, roads, factories … you have to manage and increase income for the people. This makes your city grow very fast. Next, you need to build more amusement parks, commercial centres… so that the city became rich.

Besides, the main source of income for the city is farming with a wide variety of agricultural products. Harvest at the right time and sell the produce to get rich. Farms will be located away from cities and residential areas. So, do not forget to harvest your crops on time. If you are late, the number of agricultural products will be reduced, and the city’s revenues will be reduced too.

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You can build all the construction as you want, use your creativity to build a lavish and rich city. However, for large projects, you have to find enough land to build them. This will make the planning city more scientific. Besides, you also visit the cities of other players around the world.

Especially, you can organize the party, holidays to help the city be funny and happier. You can purchase additional items in the game’s store system. However, hosting parties will cost you a lot of money, so you have to consider before organizing parties.

Cartoon City 2 PRO Paid MOD for Android/iOS

Fun graphics

Cartoon City 2 Pro for Android owns a very fun animated 3D graphic design. During the development process, you always feel comfortable and relaxed with the fun graphics of the game. The image of the farm, car, house are set in detailed to help players have a very interesting experience.


If you love the development and construction game, you should not be ignore this game. The game also has a fun graphics and humor, this will help you relax after hours of work and study. We have provided a link below for you to download for Android. Quickly install and experience this extremely fun game.