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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 7.0 or later
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  • File size: 43 MB
  • Date Updated: 12/03/2018

Ketchapp has launched some popular mobile games such as Sky Ball and Knife Hit. With simple and not too sophisticated play, these games have brought Ketchapp a huge success. Continuing these successes, Ketchapp has released another game called Car vs Cops recently. This game promises to bring players a fun and unique experience, Car vs Cops has been released on two major systems in the App Store and Google Play.

Car vs Cops APK Mod Unlocked/No Ads

download car vs cops for pc

Download Car vs Cops was released in March 2018. When playing Car vs Cops for Android, you will control your car in a dark space and escape from the encirclement of police cars. Very attractive right?

How to play Car vs Cops

download car vs cops for ios

You control your car and avoid colliding with all the vehicles that are chasing you. These cars want to catch you, and when they collide, you will lose. Your task is to drive and do not collide with any other vehicles, the longer the playing time, the more difficult level. The police cars will increase in number over time and chase you. You will need quick and skilful tactics to try to avoid the police cars and make them crash into each other. When the police cars collide you will get points, use this score to unlock other modern cars for yourself in the shop of the game.

download car vs cops for android

Car vs Cops for iOS has a simple and easy-to-control game, just touch the screen and swipe to control the direction of the car. So, with this simple control, anyone can play Car vs Cops, a game that is suitable for all ages from children to the elderly.

Advertising on Car vs Cops

download car vs cops apk

Games from manufacturers like Voodoo or Ketchapp all have a lot of ads. You can block these ads by disconnecting your device like 4g or wifi, which will cause the ad not to show anymore because there is no network connection. If you do not want to disconnect your device when playing Car vs Cops Mod Unlocked without displaying ads, then you should spend $ 2.99 for the developer to completely remove the ads in this game.


Graphics and sound

Car vs Cops by Ketchapp are designed with simple 2D graphics and are not stand out. The image of Car vs Cops is very familiar and simple; players will not be surprised about the visual design when playing Car vs Cops. The sound of the game too is very simple and does not have any special points. Police cars or helicopters are shown in detail and are quite good with good background music, which will create a sense of excitement for the game. Car vs Cops is very simple, but trust me when playing this game you will be addicted!

download car vs cops


Car vs Cops Mod No Ads has simple and endless gameplay, along with pictures and sounds that are very simple and appropriate for all ages. Car vs Cops will bring players a very enjoyable experience. The game has been released on Google Play and the App Store, which you can download with the link just below the article.