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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later iOS 7.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 24/02/2018

Recently, a very famous mobile game developer Voodoo has released an interesting game called Car Merger. The game is quite simple but very addictive; you need to combine two cars into another car to make the new more modern.

Car Merger by Voodoo Mod Apk for Android/iOS

Car Merger 1

The game is very attractive and funny. You become a parking lot boss; this parking lot can accommodate only four cars. Therefore, this boss has a crazy idea is to combine two cars of the same type into a more modern car and make parking more opened. It is a great idea, isn’t it?

After completing the task, meaning that your car is only one vehicle, you need to take it on the track and race. Finishing both missions, you will receive a large bonus to buy more cars for the parking lot. Your task is to continue to do so until you become rich.

Variety of vehicles for your choosing

Car Merger 2

When starting playing games, we and many other people shared the same question: Can I put together the cars endlessly? Can I run out of cars to mix? The manufacturer has answered this question; his game has several thousand different cars types. You have to work hard to own the most modern cars, it is certainly a difficult challenge and needs a lot of patience.

Become a rich person quickly

You have a passion for business, but you are afraid of losing money and going bankrupt. Then do not worry, when playing Car Merger Apk you will never lose. When you combine two cars, you get a new car. After winning the race, you get even more money so you can buy a lot of new cars. That is why I say business in Car Merger Mod is never unprofitable.

Download Car Merger by Voodoo for Android/iOS


Car Merger for Android has simple graphics, like most other Voodoo games. Because its simple gameplay, its graphics do not need to be too beautiful. When you play, everything is easy for you to see with smooth actions. The game is a great choice for those who want to kill time and have fun hours playing games.

Some interesting features in the game

Car Merger 3

– Plus 10% bonus when the track is full
– Free car per day
– The sound in the game is funny design.
– There are many places to experience such as Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese & Russian
When starting, you will find it pretty funny. Then you will realize that the game has some nasty bugs. The first is the game is inserted a lot of advertising. You have to spend $ 2.99 to disable this feature permanently. Secondly, just only one game mode. That causes boredom for players.

There are some downsides, but the game is loved much and on the Top Trending list of App Store and Google Play. You can visit the link below to download the game.