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  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 180 MB
  • Date Updated: 22/08/2019

Do you love cars? You always want to own a workshop to repair old cars and turn them into a powerful car. But you do not want to take part in simulated racing games because they have been around for too long and make you feel bored. So, join the simulation game Car Mechanic Simulator 18 very interesting.

Car Mechanic Simulator 18 Mod Money

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Car Mechanic Simulator 18 APK is a simulation game released by PlayWay SA on both Android and iOS. This is a very popular publisher with many exciting games like Car Mechanic Simulator 2016, Ultimate Fishing Simulator… Although only released on March 8, Car Mechanic Simulator 18 has quickly attracted the attention of players around the world. Specifically, the game has reached 1 million downloads and numerous reviews on Google Play. Let’s find out why this game is so hot.

Simplicity gameplay

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Just like the name of Car Mechanic Simulator 18 for iOS, you will come to a world with a lot of old cars. Your task is not to use those vehicles to race; you will have to repair and maintain the old car. Help the cars up new and can operate normally.

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Of course, there are many accessories in the car you need to repair or replace such as engine, brake system, exhaust, gearbox and chassis. You need to look at every detail so that the car can work. Also, the casing of the car also starts rusting and old. You need to repaint and polish the car to make it more beautiful.

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After completing the car repair process, you will be able to test drive the car on a professional track and complete the tasks of the game. You will receive a lot of bonuses after completing the quests of the game, use that money to expand the workshop and become a skilled car repairer.

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Car Mechanic Simulator 18 – Android Gameplay

One more thing, Car Mechanic Simulator 18 Mod Money does not need an internet connection to be able to experience it. You can freely play games wherever you are without the need for 4G connections, Wifi…

Beautiful graphics

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It’s just a simulation game for an old car repair shop, but the game has a very detailed graphic design. The tools and repair of the car are extremely realistic to make you feel like a real car mechanic. Also, the game is also equipped with the live sound system to help you have a very interesting experience.


With a beautiful graphics and attractive gameplay, surely the game will give you a very enjoyable relaxing experience. Join the game and become a skilled car mechanic to make the old car back to work smoothly. We’ve provided a link below for you to download games for Android and iOS. Have fun playing the game!