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  • Platforms: Android 4.2 or later
  • Price: 60 MB
  • File size: Free
  • Date Updated: 23/01/2018

If you are passionate about speed and adventure but do not dare to show in real life, the game Car Eats Car 3 – Evil Cars is a very good choice. Car Eats Car 3 – Evil Cars for Android is very similar to the movie Cars was produced in 2006 by Pixar Animation Studios, many people around the world fans. The game was released by SMOKOKO GAMES publisher on Android. Unfortunately, the game is not yet available on iOS. This is a fun and engaging game, although it’s only been rolling out for about two weeks on Google Play, the game has quickly hit 500,000 downloads. Car Eats Car 3 – Evil Cars is a game to experience and learn.

Car Eats Car 3 – Evil Cars Mod Rubies/Fuel for Android/iOS

car eats car 3 evil cars 2

Car Eats Car 3 – Evil Cars will allow you to immerse yourself in a heavy car, all the cars in the game are very special, they have enough parts such as eyes, nose and mouth. This is something I like very much in this game; it made the cars extremely cute. Your task at the start of the race is to move and destroy whatever you encounter on the way. Of course, the police will not let you easily do that; they will always stick to the tail and hinder you. Try to run fast to avoid the pursuit of the police.

Vehicle system diversity

car eats car 3 evil cars 3

Coming to the car world of Car Eats Car 3 – Evil Cars, you will have many options to experience the different vehicles. However, those cars are locked, and you need to make a lot of money to unlock them. In each race, there will be many red diamonds on the way, which is your reward after every race, try to eat as many diamonds to become rich. Also, you can also upgrade your existing car to become stronger and faster.

car eats car 3 evil cars 4

The other cars in the shop are also very strong. Usually, it depends on the price of each car. To create a new experience for the player, Car Eats Car 3 – Evil Cars for iOS will provide each car with different fun functions. Try to earn as much money as possible after each race to unlock other cars as quickly as possible.

car eats car 3 evil cars 5

When you play the game, you will encounter many obstacles and difficulties along the way; you will always have to focus on the car forward, the police will always be behind you. Fortunately, your car has tremendous skills to run away.

A variety of maps

car eats car 3 evil cars

Car Eats Car 3 – Evil Cars Mod Rubies/Fuel offers a variety of maps, to increase the variety of the game. You will be racing in the desert and in modern cities. Each track has different terrain and many obstacles will make you want to give up.

Car Eats Car 3 – Evil Cars (Android iOS) Gameplay

Unique graphics

What I am most impressed with Car Eats Car 3 – Evil Cars is the character formation and racing. The character is very funny, it will make you forget you are in a fierce race. Along with that is the live sound system, giving a true feeling to the players

car eats car 3 evil cars 1


This is a fun game; it will not make you nervous even if you are in a race. Download this game for fun with family and friends; we provide a path so that you can quickly install the game at the bottom of the article.