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  • Date Updated: 13/10/2018

Currently, there are many turn-based fighting games released by the manufacturers. This is one of the more popular game genres. These game genres are always impressive to the player and help the company produce a huge profit. And one of the most popular games of this genre is Capcom Super League Online from CAPCOM producer. This is the most impressive game of this year. The game is a combination of many popular characters that you are familiar with like Phoenix Wright, Chun Li, Dante, Mega Man, etc.

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Impressive combination

This is an impressive game from Korea and a combination of many famous Studio of Japan. The game is arguably the biggest hit of RPG genre this year. The game will take players to the most intense and exciting battles. Experience the game so that you can see the characters who are familiar with the childhood of everyone.

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To participate in the game, you need to build yourself a group of characters with the best fighting power. Your team will include many celebrities like Phoenix Wright, Chun Li, Dante, Mega Man, etc. To join in the fight in the game, you will have to arrange a squad for your team. The game will give you many different squads for you to choose from. Each team will have its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the strength of the team, make sure you have the most logical and powerful team.

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Join the game you will be instructed to arrange a proper fighting squad and other basic instructions of the game. To experience the game, you just touch the screen of the device you are using. The game will give you many different characters for you to freely choose. But for you to own more characters in the squad, you need to complete the required quests, accumulate experience and bonuses. Experience will help you reach the desired level, and the bonus is used to own new characters. To complete the difficult levels in the game you also need to use the bonus to upgrade the character you own. Each character will have a unique skill and power. Therefore, you should regularly upgrade the characters so that they achieve the highest power.

Capcom Super League Online for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Capcom Super League Online for iOS has many different levels for you to pass. The levels will help you accumulate a lot of combat experience and bonuses. At harder levels, you will learn how to streamline the team and how to predict the strength of your opponent. Also, the game also offers PVP mode. This is one of the most popular modes. In this mode, you will have the opportunity to test the strength of the fighting team you own. Upgrade your character and arrange the right tactical squad to get the best advantage in front of the enemy.

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Graphics and sound

This is an RPG game, so the graphics of the game are carefully crafted. The game has 2D, and 3D graphics combine very impressively and beautiful. The image of the game is sophisticatedly processed. The details of the characters are designed to be flexible and smooth. The layout and colors of the game are very impressive and rich. Background effects of special skills are beautifully built and easy to see. The sound of the game is also designed to be easy listening and comfortable. The sound in the game is suitable for everyone. The game had high-quality graphics and combined with good sound quality; you will enjoy playing the game.

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Capcom Super League Online is an impressive game this year that you and everyone should not miss. The game will bring you an exciting fighting experience with your favorite anime image. Download and experience the cool stuff waiting for you in the game. Attention, to play games your device needs to be connected to the internet.