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We go to school and go to work every day in different ways such as walking, walking by private car and by public transport. Popular public transport is the bus. There are many bus driving simulation games, and Bus Fix 2019 of PlayWay SA is a game you should experience. On the market today there are lots of traffic simulation games, PlayWay SA is a game company that has experience in the production of simulation games. They will continue to delight the players with their Bus Fix 2019 for Android product.

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Join the simulation game Bus Fix 2019 APK Mod , you are not a driver but become a car repair worker. To understand a car, the simplest thing is to fix the car. Buses move around the city, and you will be waiting for them at the repair shop. Buses after long use will be damaged and they will be repaired at your workplace. The manufacturer has prepared you six types of buses. Each vehicle has different details, simple details of the six vehicles will be the same or different in complex details. This allows players to understand the technology of each vehicle and how to fix them effectively or quickly.

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When the car is brought to your repair shop, the player has the task of finding broken details and planning a recovery. At the beginning level, you will have to replace the simple accessories and accumulate bonuses after each mission. Once you have enough bonuses and join the next level, you will be able to buy the complicated parts. The impressive thing is that the game has more than 50 details of the car so you can replace it. Many car repairers will have a lot of knowledge to fix the difficult parts and assemble the fastest parts.

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Bus Fix 2019 for Android/iOS – Gameplay


Like other simulation games, Bus Fix 2019 has impressive 3D graphics. This gives the game player the best experience. The sound of the game is user-friendly, and it also interacts well with graphic designers.

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You will like this game

In general, Bus Fix 2019 will be a great game for fans of simulated games. They can experience this game anytime. The game also has a lot of different levels to play for players to explore. If you are interested in this game, then you can explore it through our link.