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  • Date Updated: 13/04/2019

You are a person who cares about animals and loves lovely images. To enjoy the content above and have a lot of fun, products from HyperBeard are the most affordable option for you at this time. This producer always brings gentle games with lots of lovely images to help players relax after working hard. In particular, you have the opportunity to discover many interesting games of this manufacturer on Googleplay.

BunnyBuns 2

Some famous games of HyperBeard include Clawbert: ToyTown, KleptoDogs, The Balloons Floaty Adventure, and BunnyBuns. Among these unique games, BunnyBuns for iOS is the most popular game and has received the best reviews. When you experience it, you have the opportunity to discover many unique baking recipes and create wonderful pastries to serve people.

Create delicious cakes

With BunnyBuns APK Mod, you will have the opportunity to explore Meri town with many lovely animals and some interesting creatures. Here, you have the task of creating beautiful pastries with lots of fun emotions to serve people in Meri. Each customer will have their requirements, and you must make sure to create the best pastries.

BunnyBuns 3


The challenges of the game are relatively simple, and there are interesting mini-games for you to experience. You will become a famous and professional baker in town. Every day, a lot of people come to your shop to buy pastries. They will make their requests with the cake they want, and each will have their preferences. Therefore, you are free to make sweet cakes with many lovely shapes. The cakes you create will have their colors and shapes. You can create a heart-shaped pastry with strawberry red or an orange cake of carrots with a beautiful bunny figure.

BunnyBuns – Bake Deliciously Fun Desserts!

To create a sweet cake at the request of everyone, you need to carefully observe the shape and color of the pastry they want. After that, you just need to touch and pull the ingredients needed to make pastries from the cupboard. Satisfying the requirements of customers helps you get bonuses and love from everyone. In particular, you get more people who love you; the more customers find your bakery. Also, you also receive some souvenirs from customers. Collect these souvenirs and become the most beloved person at Meri.

BunnyBuns 4

In addition to the pastry ingredients you receive at the beginning of the game, you can also use the bonus to unlock new baking ingredients. Each pastry ingredients will require different amounts to unlock. Serve customers the best way to accumulate lots of bonuses and discover new pastry recipes. With many new pastry recipes, you will have a lot of fun experiences.

BunnyBuns 1


BunnyBuns promises to create a lot of happy feelings for users. The game has a unique gameplay system with lots of attractive images to explore. With lots of lovely pictures and fun challenges, games suitable for all ages and adults can be comfortable for children to experience.