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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 88 MB
  • Date Updated: 08/07/2018

Built for Speed ​​2 is a highly entertaining racing game released by Meizi Games. This game has very simple gameplay combined with unique music, promising to bring the most enjoyable moments for players. At this time, the game only supports Android devices. Players need to wait longer for developers to release the official version for iOS devices. Let’s find out about this exciting racing game.

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In Built for Speed ​​2 APK Download, you will be a great racer and make simple races to win. The gameplay is very simple, and the players will not have much time to learn about this game. You and other competitors will appear at a starting point on the map of the game. After the race begins, you will control your car through all the other players and finish the fastest. Each race will take place in 3 laps; you will have to make three moves around the map of the game. The map of the game is designed to be quite complex and has a lot of different parts; players will need to control their speed in the most reasonable way to overcome these bends easily.

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In addition, each race will take place on a completely different map; you will have to show all your driving skills to explore the map of the game and adapt it. You can overcome other opponents with the Nitro Boots feature, which has appeared in many other racing games and it is no stranger to the people who love racing games.

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Upgrade new car

The game offers players many options for upgrading their vehicle. You can upgrade the different parts of the car to make it stronger and more stable. Also, you can sell upgraded parts of old cars to make more money and buy new ones. Moreover, the game also has a variety of racing cars to choose from. Each vehicle possesses different statistics and has distinct strengths. You need to find out about these cars and choose the one that works best for you.

Built for Speed 2 (by Meizi Games) Android Gameplay Trailer

Simple design

Built for Speed ​​2 APK Mod is built on a very simple animated 3D graphics platform. All the details like the car and the environment in the game are beautifully designed and sharp. The motion effects of the car are simulated like the real life and bring a lot of real feeling to the players. The sound of the game creates a strong impression on the player. Each race will have a different song and make the player always feel new and more interesting.

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In brief

Built for Speed ​​2 will be a light-hearted racing game and will not create as much pressure as other racing games. It will keep players entertained and relaxed after hours of stressful work. You can explore it with our link.