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  • Platforms: Android 4.0.3 or later iOS 7.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 36 MB
  • Date Updated: 12/08/2018

If you are looking for a game to relax during the weekend, Buddy Toss will be a good choice. The game was released by CurryGames developer. This game has quite simple and fun gameplay, promising to bring players a lot of fun and unique experience. What are you waiting for? We will learn about this fun game in the article below.

buddy toss 1

Fun gameplay

Specifically, Buddy Toss APK Download will allow players to become a character with the greatest power on the planet or even the largest universe. You will have the same power as the character Thanos in the famous movie Avenger; this character can destroy the universe in a flash. However, you will use his power to throw a guy up in the air. The game has very simple gameplay; your character will use his arm and throw another character in the air. The player simply touches the screen again, so he does not fall to the ground. If you do the right touch operation, your character will become stronger, and you will achieve a new record. There is no limit to the number of players you can help your character through many different galaxies in the vast universe. The game will end when you perform an incorrect operation and let your character fall to the ground. This game has quite simple gameplay, but you will need to train your reflexes to make the most accurate shots.

buddy toss 2

New characters

At the end of the turn, you will receive a bonus equivalent to the achievement you earned. You can use the bonuses that the game offers to unlock new characters in the game’s store. The characters in the game are designed with a lot of different styles; players will get more interesting experience when possessing new characters. Also, these new characters also possess unique voices, so you will not be able to stop laughing when you hear the voice of the character.

Buddy Toss – Toss Man On The Galaxy!

Simple graphics

Buddy Toss Mod Money owns a very simple 2D graphic design. The characters in the game are designed in a fun cartoon style. The effect of the character is displayed very smoothly; players will get the best gaming experience. The sound of the game will also give players endless fun. The voices and expressions of the characters will make the player unable to stop laughing.

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Download Buddy Toss by the simplest

Overall, Buddy Toss is a game with unique gameplay. Players will be attracted by this game from the very first look; they will get a lot of fun when joining this game. If you are interested in the game, then you can explore it through our link.