• Publisher:
  • Platforms: Android 4.4 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 30 MB
  • Date Updated: 08/06/2018

Recently, the famous game publisher Ketchapp released their new game called Bruce Lee Dragon Run. This is an adventure game and role-playing Endless Runner unique. Players will have the opportunity to control the famous movie star Bruce Lee, take part in an endless journey against the evil forces of the Ninja.

bruce lee dragon run 2

Ketchapp is a very well known game maker for players around the world. They have launched many popular and entertaining games such as Rider, Knife Hit, Space Frontier, The Assassin’s Creed … These games have achieved great success when launching the market field, and receive many positive reviews from players. Bruce Lee Dragon Run for Android is an all-new Endless Runner style game that promises to bring the most innovative and unique experience to the player.

bruce lee dragon run 3

Simple Adventure Game

In Bruce Lee Dragon Run APK Download, the player controls the character Bruce Lee. You will help your character make the journey to conquer the dangerous challenges and defeat the evil Ninja on a mysterious island.

Games will not be split into different difficulty levels. Players will face increasing challenges corresponding to the time they take the journey. Initially, you will face the mysterious Ninja; you can control your character to defeat these enemies with a kick.

bruce lee dragon run 4

Over time, players will face more difficult challenges such as huge darts, deadly traps … You will have to control the movement direction of the character, to avoid the This dangerous trap and survived.

On your journey, you will have to collect gold coins that appear randomly. You can use these gold coins to unlock new characters in the game’s store. Players will feel very excited when they are controlled new characters in the next game.

bruce lee dragon run 5


The game has quite simple controls, and players will be able to take part in a beginner’s guide to quickly master and control their characters. However, players need to train their reflexes to be able to achieve higher achievements in the endless journey.

Bruce Lee Dragon Run (game by Ketchapp) Android Gameplay

Beautiful graphics

Bruce Lee Dragon Run for iOS has a nice 2.5D graphic design. Players can see a large area of their journey with a view from the top down. The character and surroundings are displayed. The background music of the game will make the players feel more excited and focused.

bruce lee dragon run 1


Bruce Lee Dragon Run will be a very entertaining game shortly. With simple and unique gameplay, simple controls, graphical and sound systems are quite fun. This game is very suitable for you to have the most fun weekend entertainment.