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  • Platforms: iOS 8.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 135 MB
  • Date Updated: 08/03/2018

WWE Tap Mania is a game worth playing at the beginning of 2018. You will be very pleased with what the game brings. Also, the publisher has made an update to fix many bugs from previous versions. You can download the game via the link below. I wish you a happy day.

Brawl Stars APK Mod Gems for Android/iOS

brawl stars apk

Style gameplay

At the start of Brawl Stars, you can choose your character. Diverse characters with individual skills that you can freely choose. You will be joined in the game along with most other players; the players are divided into two teams confront each other on the battlefield. Your task and the other player is to destroy all opponents and win. Each team consists of 3 members, and the match will have limited time. During the battle, when sacrificed players will be revived many times. Take advantage of the walls or grass to hide and finish off opponents. The enemy can throw bombs into the lawn if you move into it will explode and die. The team that scores the higher number of stars after the match wins. When you win the match, you will receive a lot of valuable items and raise your ranking level in the game. Skills are indispensable to this game; you need tactics, dodge enemy bullets and capture the battle situation on the map well will help you to victory.

Diverse and attractive features

brawl stars mod

This game features real-time combat system, multiplayer online in a thrilling 3v3 game. Players with their comrades need to move flexibly, dodge and damage the enemy. 1v1 mode when playing with friends to see who plays better makes competition and fun for players. Brawl Stars for Android also has many other modes such as Heist, Brawl Ball … And many characters give you the option to make each game feel different new.

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Download Brawl Stars APK MOD Gems

You can buy characters with many different skills by collecting gold after each game. Gold can also be used to upgrade your characters’ skills, making them stronger. There are many functions in the game that you can buy with real money. When you are ranked high in the region or the world, that is a great thing. Games that feature teamwork, sharing the experience of players with each other will make them easier to win.

Pictures and sounds of the game

brawl stars free

Brawl Stars Mod Gems has animated graphics with chibi characters. The map is designed in a variety of ways, with different terrain requiring the skills needed to play well. The sound of the game is very lively and fun to feel the most fun and comfortable.


With rich features, rich characters, real-time online play. Download Brawl Stars is a game that you can not ignore.