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If you are a fan of action games, you must be so familiar with the name Brave Frontier. This is one of the games that make a strong wave on the PC three years ago. You and your friends have been awake all night to play the game. Those who reach high level are often admired by friends and other players and want to play longer. Until now, I have the opportunity to relive the memories of that day with part 2 of this game. Part 2 was released on the mobile by Gumi, promising to give players a great experience. Now let find out what the game has something worth playing!

Brave Frontier 2 Apk v1.0.1 Mod Money/Mega for Android/iOS


Because the game was recently released, when you login, you will receive many interesting gifts from the publisher. Brave Frontier 2 is also modified by the manufacturer to create a balance for the player, so you do not have to worry too much about the power difference.

Enjoy the fierce battle

Brave Frontier 2

Download Brave Frontier 2 will take you into a great commander with a variety of tactics. Your world is in turmoil; the evil forces are emerging everywhere and destroying everything. You are in charge of leading an army and destroying all your enemies while protecting the people from the attacks of other powers. This is very dangerous to you; you can lose your life at any time. Will you dare to try yourself and fulfil the mission?

Interesting turn-based gameplay


Brave Frontier 2  for Android is quite similar to other turn-based action games such as MapleStory Blitz. You need to recruit a mighty army to engage in fierce battles. The character system in the game is diverse for you to choose. The characters in the game are designed with different strengths. This requires the players to have a good tactical thinking to be able to create the strongest team for themselves.

A standard squad consists of gladiators as leading, gunners as supporters and side support. This formation allows healthy gladiators to block enemy damage while weak gunners have the best position to deal damage to enemies. They support to strengthen the strength, resistance to the whole team. You can also arrange your tactics that make the enemy surprised. The creation in the game is not limited so you can freely create the latest tactics.

Brave Frontier 2 for iOS also allows you to familiarize yourself with the controls of the characters quickly. All you need to do is tap and swipe the screen to use the skills and control of the squad. You need to try to use the right skills to gain the most advantage.

Diversified game mode


Brave Frontier 2 Mod Money has many different modes for you to explore. In PvE mode, you will be immersed in the battle with boss and challenging. The more rounds are coming; you need to improve your skills and patience more.

Besides, the mode that most gamers love is the PvP mode. You will fight against many other players in real-time battles. You need to use your strongest team and calculated tactics to compete with other players. Besides, the game offers a new feature called Cross Brave Burst, which allows players to use unique combos. This makes every battle in the game is new and attractive.

Download Brave Frontier 2 for Android/iOS – APK MOD English

Advanced graphics

Although the graphics in the game is not so different from its brother, the game also has been updated quite a lot. The characters in the game are designed in a chibi style. The sound in the game has improved significantly to give users the best experience.

General comment

Brave Frontier 2 Mod Mega is a game you should not miss at present. There are many interesting things to look forward to discovering. You can access the link below to download the game. Wish you have a good time playing the game.