• Publisher:
  • Platforms: iOS 9.0 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 325 MB
  • Date Updated: 05/03/2018

Identity Visuals LLC has recently launched a simple but attractive game that attracts man players – Bouncy Smash. This is a proprietary product that is only available on mobile and tablet. Currently, you can download games on both Google Play and AppStore with a capacity of only 325 MB. This is a very addictive game; you will quickly be attracted to the game after the first time. The game will certainly achieve a lot in the coming time.Let find out more exciting things about this game!

Bouncy Smash APK Mod Health for Android/iOS

download bouncy smash

Bouncy Smash Introduction

Download Bouncy Smash APK does not have a specific story. Instead, throughout the game is a very funny war between the different coloured balls. Your task is to control the balls in a virtual world. You will pick up many other evil balls that will destroy you. You are always ready to destroy all enemies and sworn your world. But it will be difficult for you to accomplish your task because the game has many difficulties and challenges. Every ball will continuously attack you and if not quickly you will not have the opportunity to counterattack. The game requires you to have quick and smart reflexes to handle difficult situations.

Unique gameplay

download bouncy smash for android

Bouncy Smash for Android is designed with modern arcade style; you will quickly recognize this when entering the game. Every journey in the game is exciting for you to spend time exploring. You need to try to control your ball flying high and crush other balls. You need to hit the enemy’s head to destroy them, and you will receive rewards corresponding to different enemies you destroyed.

Bouncy Smash cover

But in final rounds, there are balls with the special strength that you need to try your best to be able to win. These balls possess a lot of scary power as well as excellent resistance, which makes you have to spend a lot of time trying to beat it. Besides, the game also adds some obstacles to avoid you like lasers, wood bars … As you progress deep into the next rounds, the difficulty level will increase, and you need to focus to pass.

Diverse ball System

Bouncy Smash for iOS has four different types of balls for you to choose. Each ball has different colours and moves. This requires you to know how to play and to control each kind of ball. You need to manipulate the virtual keys to perform special attacks and kill all enemies.

download bouncy smash for ios

Various game modes

Besides the features I mentioned above, Bouncy Smash Mod also offers players many other attractive game modes. When you defeat certain opponents, attractive features will gradually reveal. You can upgrade your ball by collecting items in the game. At the end of each level, you have to face Big Bosses; this is a ball with tremendous power. It is difficult for you to overcome. Try to get the highest score in Bouncy Smash and become the best!

Download Bouncy Smash APK

Graphics and sound in the game

Bouncy Smash Mod is equipped with eye-catching 3D graphics. The details, objects in the game are beautifully designed and quite professional. The designer brings the players a very fun and humorous fighting space. Besides, the interface in the game is very simple. All the movement of the ball is smooth; it will definitely give the players the best experience. Moreover, the sound system in the game will make the players very satisfied. Because it is equipped with classical music that will make gamers have moments relaxation when playing games.

General comment

Bouncy Smash is a fun game for those who are looking for a lightweight game to play after hours of hard work. You can download the game for free via the link below. The game has support for both iOS and Android operating systems. I wish you a good day and always support!