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  • Platforms: Android 5.0 or later
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  • Date Updated: 23/02/2019

With the development of a wide range of manufacturers and mobile games today, there are many different games to choose from. In particular, the games produced by Clipwire Games Inc are also loved by many players. They always create fun products and bring many positive experiences for everyone. The challenges of these games are easy to understand and simple; you can easily experience them anywhere without fear of interruption. Their featured products include Loot Merge and Perfect Fit, continuing the success of these two products. Clipwire Games Inc has released a new game and received many good reviews from users; it is called Bouncy Jumpy. The most exciting bouncing ball challenge ever.

bouncy jumpy 5


Bouncy Jumpy for iOS provides a lot of fun for players through its unique series of challenges and graphics systems. You are in charge of controlling a ball, jumping and touching cylindrical blocks along the way to soar higher. You need to tap continuously on these cylindrical blocks to get more high scores. Each touch will help you get a certain score. Watch carefully to score more points and avoid falling off the game map. If you control carelessly, the ball will fall to the ground, and you have to play again from the beginning.

bouncy jumpy 1

Endless challenge

With endless and exciting challenges, the game has no stops. Therefore, you can experience endless challenges and enjoy many exciting images ahead. The cylinders will appear continuously to help you move and create many new scores.

bouncy jumpy 2

On the way to move you meet a lot of different support tools, they will help your ball jump higher. Each support tool will be designed and have different effects, move smartly and touch them to achieve many impressive achievements.

Unlock many interesting ball types

When participating in these fun challenges, you need to pay attention to collecting gold coins along the way. Each gold coin will be used to unlock new types of balls, promising to bring you a whole new experience. Create many high scores with different types of balls like football, volleyball, rugby and many other types of balls. With the size, shape and colour of each ball, challenges will become more unique, and you will love this game even more.

bouncy jumpy 3

Simple and funny graphics

Bouncy Jumpy APK Mod has beautiful graphics and good image quality compared to a simple game. The details are designed to be easy to see and harmonized with the theme of the game. The beautiful effect of the ball when moving will create interesting colours. Cylindrical blocks are designed like tall buildings, and beautiful colours create a fun picture when experiencing. Besides, the game also has a series of unique visual effects when you create a new high score.

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Are you ready?

Experience and create good achievements, Bouncy Jumpy is attractive with addictive gameplay and sharp graphics. Not many simple entertainment games have a nice graphics system like this game. Experience and make your comments to help the manufacturer improve and create new products.