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  • Platforms: Android
  • Price: Free
  • Date Updated: 09/01/2018

In today’s modern age, robots are a very important part of human life, they are so familiar and appearing everywhere in the world. Knowing that the publisher of the game Hi-Rez Studios has launched a game of fighting for the robot is very fun and cute. Currently, the game has not been officially announced, but let’s explore this new game through the information of the game publisher.

As a potential game developer, Hi-Rez Studios has produced such extremely popular game titles as Mite, Paladins, Hand of the Gods. But it’s just a short video about the new project Bot Smashers and promises to give players a try first on the computer, but the fans of the game strategy are extremely expecting and promising This will create a fever in the early part of 2018. Let’s find out what these robots have in particular.

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As another strategy game, enter the game you will be selected one of two teams (blue team and red team). Then both begin the first steps by building more buildings, barracks to protect the main building and start attacking the enemy.

Initially, you will have fixed robots from the front; your task is to build and upgrade these robots quickly to be ready to attack and host enemy firepower. The game also requires continuous manipulation of the fingers to quickly build up the robot and choose the target. The game is over when one of the two teams destroys all the buildings.

The game also gives you a lot of different types of robots with different fighting styles in the game, to create more variety for each game, the type of robot you choose, and how it will affect you. Much of the outcome of the match. Always consider building and upgrading the robot to match the game to win the fastest.

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The game possesses 3D graphics with very simple design and is very suitable for those who like the game genre of resistance, strategy. The point that I enjoyed about this game is that Hi-Rez Studios made the robot very cute, they are not too mechanistic as Optimus Prime in the Transformer. It has created great entertainment for the game.

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Just like the cute robotics of the robot, the sound of the game is also integrated fun and very suitable for the context as well as the character in the game. I especially enjoyed the dialogue of the robot before the game; it is perfectly suited to a game of high entertainment as Bot Smashers


Currently, the game has not been officially released, according to the publisher, next time we will experience it for free on the computer, but they have not given a specific time. Perhaps with the above quotes, you are also curious about this new game, if you love these funny robots, then you can register to become the first in the world. Experience this new game under the links below