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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later iOS 8.0 or later
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  • File size: 76 MB
  • Date Updated: 17/04/2018

Planet Earth – which was devastated by the Big Boom. This planet has broken into many different small islands. The people live and fight together to find new lands and resources to sustain life. Boom Day: Card Battle is a great game for you to entertain in your free time. This is an online game with real-time battles. Can you become the owner of these islands and survive in this dangerous world? Let’s step into the game world and find the answer.

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About the game

Boom Day for Android is a strategy game, where you show your leadership skills and explore new areas. You will be engaged in a lot of intense battles to defend your island as well as find out the islands and new resources. This is a strategic game that many players expect the most years. The game gets a lot of positive reviews from the players and gets hundreds of thousands of downloads in the app store.

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How to play

Boom Day for iOS allows you to find allies around the world to form solid alliances. You can exchange cards, resources, compete with other alliances and win real-time battles. You will meet many different opponents, coming from many parts of the world and participating in different places on Earth.

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Each battle is an opportunity for you to prove your talents. Try your best to win. You can download and play games for free. Can you be the first to conquer this planet? Discover it yourself and find out the secret behind.

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Boom Day APK Download is designed with 2D graphics and very cute cartoon style. You will experience the battle fun, attractive but no less dramatic. The characters, scenery in the game are designed very cute and lovely. The colours in the game are also bright, giving a sense of fun, less stress and fatigue for your gaming experience.

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Download Boom Day: Card Battle APK for Android/iOS

General comment

Boom Day APK allows you to participate in 30 different battles with various character systems such as mad scientist, Shaolin masters, stalkers, cooks, police, spaceman, pirates, robots, … It has been brought to many different battlefields, such as the Arctic, a Tibetan temple, a Paradise Island, a world famous Luna Park and many other things. Visit the link below to download the game and have the most fun hours. Have fun playing the game!