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  • Platforms: Android 4.1 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 63 MB
  • Date Updated: 07/04/2018

Bombs is a fun game that gives players the best moments of relaxation. Joining the game, the player controls a cute cartoon character carrying a bomb. You will put bombs in reasonable positions so that you can kill other opponents. The game is produced by the well-known publisher Futureplay, currently available on the Google Play and App Store with an average of 63.2 MB. The game is well received by many players around the world, for more information on Bombs, read our article below.

bombs 1

How to play

Bombs for Android have a rather classic style but are very attractive to young people. Players can participate in PVP mode competing with 15 different players in a match. Along with many other new features in this version, Bombs promises to bring you the most attractive experience.

bombs 2

The game is very simple; your task is to control your character and place the bombs in the proper place to destroy all the monsters and walls around to find the key. There will be many obstacles preventing you; you need to collect as much energy to destroy the enemy to become the only winner.

bombs 3

Diverse character system

The game have a lot of different characters to choose from, such as fox, koala, horse or crocodile … You can freely choose any character available, with which players can collect More energy to kill enemies faster. The default characters in the game, players can also use other super-special characters by the accumulation of titles in the game. Each character will have a different shape and strength.

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Download Bombs APK for Android/iOS

Main features of the game

– Diverse character system
– There are different game modes
– Players can purchase clothes for their characters
– Earn points after each game; players will receive many interesting gifts
– Different battle terrains

bombs 5

Graphics and sound

Bombs for iOS own classic 2.5D graphics design is quite simple but no less beautiful. The visuals of the characters are very detailed and sharp, giving the player a great experience. Besides the extremely vivid sound system, the players will have different emotions, interesting and unique when participating in the game.



Overall, Bombs APK Download is a highly entertaining game, where players can participate anytime and anywhere. Currently, the game is supported on Android and iOS. To easily install the game, click on the link below.