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  • Platforms: Android 4.3 or later
  • Price: Free
  • File size: 199 MB
  • Date Updated: 14/12/2018

Blood Rivals 2 is the sequel to Blood Rivals, the new version released with many upgrades and attractive changes. Especially when it comes to Christmas in 2018, people will experience a whole new battlefield. A battlefield with a snow scene with many unique Christmas decorations.

blood rivals 2 2


Blood Rivals 2 for iOS still retains the original gameplay but has new and unique features. You will continue to compete with many other players to survive and win. The theme of this release is called SANTA SURVIVAL. With a whole new theme, so the battle map will be more attractive and bring out the experience of excitement for everyone.

blood rivals 2 3


Blood Rivals 2 APK Mod uses the first person perspective to give people a more authentic experience. The highlight of this release is that people can easily experience offline or online. On the map, you will have to fight on many different terrains; you have to move frequently to search for items and destroy the other opponents.

blood rivals 2 4

In this version, the control system is upgraded to make the experience more stable and smoother. Also, people will be easy to observe and move. With the theme of SANTA SURVIVAL, people will experience many exciting activities such as ARM ARM DEADLY and ENVIRONMENT BREATHTAKING. In particular, people will be fighting in the nighttime effect, promising to bring more exciting challenges.

Blood Rivals 2 for Android/iOS – Gameplay

Fierce competition

You will be playing SOLO or SQUAD, depending on the combat mode you will have to move and take smart action to destroy many enemies and win. Also, you can create teams and invite your friends to join in for more fun experiences. If you’re not ready to play online, you can take part in the offline challenge. In the offline competition, you will fight with A.I, these characters have been programmed to become a strong opponent. Whether it’s offline or online, surely people will have a lot of exciting experiences and challenges.

Unique graphics

This version has better image quality than the old version and has more beautiful details. With the Christmas theme, you will experience many lovely pictures. Many beautiful spaces with a series of impressive images with the house decorated in Christmas style. The movement of the character in the new version is considered to be more stable and true than the old version. The interface does not change much but is decorated in Christmas style to match the theme of SANTA SURVIVAL.

blood rivals 2 1


Blood Rivals 2 is an exciting and rewarding Battle Royale style game for Christmas this year. With familiar gameplay, you will easily experience and get many impressive achievements. Joining with your friends will give you a more enjoyable experience. With so many changes and beautiful designs, surely people will be satisfied with this game.