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  • Date Updated: 09/03/2018

In recent times, the publisher Bluegri has licensed their Blokuzu Project account which is an RPG on the mobile phone. Then, it quickly created a strong wave and had a lot of attention of players who are passionate about this game genre. This is a big step and promises to be more successful in the online entertainment.

Blokuzu Project APK Mod Money

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Download Blokuzu Project is an RPG RPG that is quite familiar, but it has a modern style because the character is robots. The latest exclusive version of the game has its uniqueness and appeal. In the game, players will have the task of controlling the instruments and weapons fighting the fierce monsters. Players must control the toolbars at the bottom of the screen to catch the bullets and not lose them. The more time you play, the more monsters appear. They are more dangerous.

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In Blokuzu Project for Android, speed and accuracy are the skills that players need to train. When the energy level drops, players need to destroy as many monsters as possible to earn bonuses to upgrade their character’s power. Blokuzu Project for iOS has a classic gameplay, which is a great advantage for players. It will not take much time to familiarize with the game. The characters in the game are various and have different rules and skills. The skills of these characters make it easier for you to win.

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Graphics and sound of the Blokuzu Project

Blokuzu Project for iOS is designed with 3D technology. The higher levels will increase the monsters, the automatic mechanism of the game makes the monsters appear more and more unexpectedly. Monster and character systems are very diversified, the design of characters and monsters are adorable. The visual effects of the skill are wonderful and bring the excitement to the players. The sound of the Blokuzu Project is invested much so that each battle has a different feeling and you will not feel bored. Surely, this is a game that gives you funny time and relaxation after the stressful work hours.

Blokuzu Project APK MOD – ブロ崩プロジェクト

New features

Online-capability let you play with your friends or other players.
Your high scores can be shared on social networks, and you’ll also receive rewards when linking the game to social networks.
Your rank will be increased when you reach a high energy level.
There are more rewards for you during the game.
Blokuzu Project Mod Money is scheduled to be released in this year, are you looking forward to it?